2017 Three Corgis Calendar IS HERE!

Yes, the annual 2017 Three Corgis calendar is finally in the shop!

We knew you’d be waiting around, saving your quarters, wondering, “when the heck is that thing coming out?”  Well, your prayers have been answered…and to the Atheists out there, it’s just here, you know?  Click here!

Corgi Calendar 2017 with Three Corgis

The 2017 Three Corgis calendar has a new format this year.  It is spiral bound, 5″x5″ with 100#text paper.  It also comes with a cute sticker sheet, real stickers, that you can place on the calendar or on your phone or maybe on your face!  Its really cute though.

cute corgi stickers

The photos are in full color of those three ding dongs, Hambone, Cupcake and Wolfgang.  Once again, we’ve selected through an entire year of photos, there’s just too many, and finally narrowed it down to a kewl and cute 12.  We should stop taking so many pictures, but that darn iPhone makes it too easy.  Does iPhoto get on everyone’s nerves like it does ours???  I mean, really!

Get it here!

For only $17, you can stare at these guys everyday, make new friends with fellow fans or make an old friend smile by getting them one, too.  That would make us so stoked.

Thank you for sharing your Instagram time with us.  And, thank you for sending us funny comments and thoughtful messages.  We try to read all of them, but sometimes our hoomans have to work on paying the bills and stuff.  Your furiendship means a lot to us, and we are looking forward to next year for pawsitiveness and world peace!

See you next year!

Corgi Calendar with Three Corgis

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