Dog gift ideas for the Corgi hooman in your life

Hmmm…what do i get that Corgi hooman?

Every year, people ask us what we would like for Christmas.   What they really want to know is what should they get us that has something to do with our Corgi pups.  You know, dog gift ideas.  Well, now that you ask, there are a few things to consider…

Dog Hair Vacuum  Ok, if you really really want to give a gift that packs a punch of impress, get a Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright.  Wow!!!  The prices are super high, but if you want to score some super points, this is definitely the dog gift ideas supreme.

dog gift ideas

Boyt Two-Barrel Seat Cover  For the love of dogs!  Geez the shedding!  The Corgi shedding is almost absurd.  I’ve heard people claim that their dogs shed clouds while walking.  Haha!  So, for you car, the fur gets everywhere.  The Boyt Two-Barrel Seat Cover prevents all that hair everywhere.  On the seat, in the seat crack, between the seats, under the seats.  Ugh.  The cover helps to minimize this while giving your pooch a comfy ride.  dog gift ideas

Solvit Front Seat Net Pet Barrier  A great thing about Corgis, they love to sit on you when you drive.  Well, it may sound cute, but not a lot of people want to get into an accident.  However, having them in the backseat isn’t as easy as it seems.  These guys can be pretty pushy…like Cupcake.  The Solvi Front Seat Net Pet Barrier is genius!  You can see them and keep them from distracting you.  It’s awesome.

dog gift ideas

Petnostics Supply  Our newest rave product is this simple urine tester.  Pets cannot tell you that something is wrong or causing pain.  This tester will alert you to the early signs of bladder infections, diabetes and many more diseases traceable in urine.  Why don’t they make the Petnostic for humans!!!  A pure godsend, if you ask us.

dog gift ideas

More dog gift ideas that you can shake a bully stick at!

Furminator  If you know a Corgi owner, they most likely already own the Furminator, the ultimate deshedding tool.  Maybe they don’t, and they will definitely thank you for handing them one of these.  A brush is not enough for any pet with an undercoat.

dog gift ideas

The PawPack Monthly Subscription  We’ve just become a #PawPackLeaders of this trending idea.  Basically, you can get a subscription for your friend and introduce them to a variety of new products.  There are many to choose from, BarkBox, PetBox and PawPack.  All of them have different pricing options and varying philosophies.  BTW all of them support pet organizations with donations of each subscription!  All good!

dog gift ideas

Olive Boiled Wool Toy  If you’ve ever wondered how Hambone has been able to have his pet fish for sooo long, its because of boiled wool.  The more they bite, the denser and stronger they get due to the intricacies of wool fibers.  Unless, of course, you are Wolfgang.  He destroyed one of the other toys, but that’s another story.  He did take a while to dismantle the shark, but still…

dog gift ideas

Best Bully Sticks Treats  Getting food as gifts can be super risky.  Allergies or just plain bad products can lead to a day of diarrhea!  And, you don’t want to be responsible for that.  However, there are many out there that are eco-friendly, organic and made in the good ole USA.  One of our favorites is Best Bully Sticks.  The most amazing treat for us is the Beef BonBons.  We throw the bag in the fridge, as they are perishable, and give em out as a super special treat!  Yum yum yum…

dog gift ideas

Lint Rollers!  If you happen to have a Corgi hooman in your life, then you definitely know about the shedding!!!  If there is one teeny tiny flaw about these lovelies, its the undercoat and the hair, as mentioned above.  If you want to lend a helpful hand, and you are tight on budget, simple dog gift ideas would be the lint roller.  Nuff said.

dog gift ideas

Custom Pet Pillows  If you really really really want to get something customized, then seek out the ultimate in pet indulgence, the pet pillow.  Yes, there are many crafties out there who are printing high quality photos on to fabric and shaping them in to adorable pillows.  Here is one we found by Ronda J. Smith on  We like them…hint hint hint.

dog gift ideas

Give A Fluff  Lastly, the Corgi community absolutely loves this organization.  Although our pups are not rescues, we believe that every effort for rescues are super awesome and show extra commitment and love to the world of abandoned and abused furbabies.  Give A Fluff offers apparel, stationary, mugs and whatnot, all inspired and designed by extremely cool people who want to spread their influence through creativity and fun.

dog gift ideas

So, that is a pretty hefty dog gift ideas list, dontcha think?  From the expensive to the practical to the amazing, choose wisely, my friend, as a gift for a Corgi hooman is a gift of thought and love!

Shop for yer Corgi holiday gifts right HERE!!!  Stay tuned for more gifts for this gift giving season.  You know you want one for yourself, so pick one up, too!

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