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Dog care is so important, especially if you love your pets as much as we do. This section is all about the trials and tribulations of pet ownership, and some friendly stories of experience.

Post surgery care for dog back surgery

Hambone’s back surgery and home care

What to expect when you bring your pet home from back surgery You’ll never be prepared for back surgery for your pup, no matter when it happens.  This post is really about what will prepare you for the aftermath of dog back surgery.  It will always take you by surprise, and is often seen as […]
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Ollie human grade dog food

Healthier dog food choices

Good nutrients in your dog food is key As you may know, the most important concern for our Corgis is diet. Not dieting, but their diet and what we put in their bellies. As these guys age, and the pet world continues to evolve, we keep up to date on all the new products out […]
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PawPack is HERE!!!

October brings us the PawPack package! Sooo, last month, we posted about pet subscription boxes, you know, BarkBox, PetBox and the PawPack.  If you want to visit our review, click here.  Some major cool shizz in this monthly sampling idea.  After our assessment, we see PawPack, with all of its eco-friendly, organic, USA made products, […]
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On the bed

Dog subscriptions are the new black

Monthly dog subscription boxes are super cool…what are they and why are they so popular? If you are an avid Instagram user, you most likely have seen the rise dog subscriptions that deliver a monthly gift to your home, custom to your pooch.  We love the idea of sampling new products, and curated by a team […]
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Best Bully Sticks

Three Corgis: Review Best Bully Sticks

More cool pet treats than you can shake a stick at! We are so lucky to be on the radar for some awesome pet products.  This time around:  Best Bully Sticks!  Of course, the easiest way to contact us is through Instagram.  We check it everyday, but more so, our email is wonky, and getting […]
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