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Snapchat code

Snapchat is the shizzle! At least for Three Corgis!

Follow Three Corgis on Snapchat! Finally, as it is July 16, 2016, we are on Snapchat!  Whew!  I was told that we should be on it; however, due to low levels of motivation, it just didn’t happen.  Well, now that we’re on it, everyone else needs to me on it!  So, let’s get started!!! Our […]
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camping with dogs

Camping checklist for dog glamping

Here’s what you need for an easier dog glamping trip It’s summertime, and that means getting outside and enjoying the fresh air!  If you are like us, then you want to bring all of your family members with you.  Yes, bringing your dogs is a great idea, and here is the checklist for dog glamping. […]
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Buzzfeed cutest Corgis on Instagram

Instagram tales, I tell ya!

Answers to the Instagram magic! We’ve made our way around the IG world, and YES, we are lucky to have such a great following of supporters.  A lot of people ask us how we get followers.  This post is about the ins and outs of an Instagram biz, so hopefully, we can pass on some […]
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Corgi Derp

What is a Derp???

All dogs Derp, but Corgis are super derpilicious Derp, as Quoted from Urban Dictionary: A facial expression reminiscent of one who is retarded. It often involves eyes turned in different directions and a stupid smile. In reply to that idiotic comment, I posted a picture of a retarded facial expression with the caption “This is my […]
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How to Pick a Vet

Afraid of the VET? Don’t be, just be smart!

Part One, assess the situation before you go or don’t go to the Vet Hi everyone!  There are always inquiries about your beloved pet and illnesses.  Minor or major, it is pretty scary when you can’t really communicate with your pup, right?  Does it hurt?  Does it not?  Is it a big deal?  Or am […]
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