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10 reasons why you shouldn’t love a Corgi

I mean seriously, you will be blown a way by these 10 reasons


If you were thinking about getting a Corgi and going absolutely nutso, please read this post.  This is something that ALL Corgi owners experience, day in and day out.  You will assume that these are like no other canine; however, believe it not.  The Pembroke, in particular, is a special specimen, and will ultimately be the beginning of your demise.  Please read on…10 reasons are served…

#1  The creeping.  Yes, they will spy on you when you least expect it.  Its uncanny, because it will be really quiet and you’ll be minding your own business, and across the room or in the door crack…Eyes staring at YOU!!!

Creeping Never Alone

#2  No privacy in the john.  Ever need that quiet moment in peace?  Nope, never again, those fast little whipper snappers.  They’ll quickly follow you in, and when you close that door, watch out!!!

10 reasons why you shouldn't get a CorgiNo Privacy

#3  They will smother your loved ones.  No one will safe from a mellow sit down on your couch without an onslaught of licks and nudges, climbing all over your guests!

alexisRidingEasy Records

#4  Cuddle overloads.  From the early age of puppydom, its like a constant cuddle party.  With you, friends, themselves!  Every place is a cuddle place.  Every day is cuddle day.

Corgi Cuddles Corgi Cuddles Corgi Cuddles

#5  You will never be alone.  Enough said.

Never Alone Never Alone

#6  Their loving eyes will paralyze you.  No matter how mad you get for wires being chewed, or your favorite flip flops for disappearing, you will never be mad because these dark glistening pools will mesmerize and melt you in to a bowl of lime jello.  A wimp.

10 reasons why you shouldn't get a Corgi Three Corgis

#7  If you don’t like big butts, its definitely not for you.  Kim and JLo have nuthin’ on these badunka dunks.  Check out these rumps, so big and furry!  Wow, Corgi got back fer sure.

Corgi Butts Corgi Butts

#8  They’ll make you jealous of their bromance moments.  You are not the only one, get me?  Boy, do these guys love pillows, and since pillows aren’t strewn around your home, they have each other.  And, they are serious about it.  We can’t stand the bromance!

Bromance Three Corgis

#9  Bed space will be depleted.  Before you have time to get your jammies on, the will manage to get up on your bed and annihilate it.  Corgis love nothing more than the soft inviting feel of a lovely bed.  Yes, OUR bed…

10 reasons On the bed Three Corgis

#10  Death by laughter.  By now, you’ve still got in your head that this is for you.  But wait, here they are in COSTUMES!!!  Oh no!  It’s all over for you because the costume is the ultimate in death.  Your heart will explode.  Your eyes will jump out of their sockets.  The screams will leave you breathless.  Death by laughter!

Death by Laughter


Corgi Xmas Funny Corgi Corgi Xmas

Fellow citizens, if any of these 10 reasons apply to you, the Corgi is not for you!  It will result in extreme reactions, maybe you will die from smiling too much!  Maybe your head will explode with cute thoughts!  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, BITCHES!!!

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