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2019 Three Corgis Calendar is here!!!

Corgi Calendar

The Corgi calendar is here!  Now, you can put your phone and look at them on paper!  Yeeee haaawww!  For $20, the calendar features 12 months of the last year.

Get your 2019 Corgi calendar here!

That’s right, for the 7th year in a row, read em and weep.   12 full months of Three Corgi cuteness in this awesome Corgi calendar 2019.  I mean, wow!  Its so cute and cool you won’t be able to get through the year, if you know what I mean.  But even if you don’t like Corgis, maybe you have a fanatical friend that does!  Perfect!  Just $20 and check that one off the list…


Three Corgis Calendar

This year, we printed with SmartPress and enjoy the break.  Its a saddle stitch bound 8.5″x5.5″ calendar, printed on 100# text premium matte paper.  Also, each calendar comes with a cute sticker sheet to decorate your stuff with!  That’s new!

Why look at the same calendar from 2018???  When you can look at the Corgi calendar 2019

Please order yours now, so we can start shipping on Nov 15!  We will contact you if there is a delay in shipping, but we are crossing our fingers that we have no shipping issues this year.

Corgi Calendar


Get em while they’re hot, because no one likes an expired calendar!!!  And, we promise to ship as soon as possible.  For international orders,  shipping dates are not guaranteed.  In case you need a RUSH shipment, please contact us at info@threecorgis.

International shipping is available, but please inquire at  SHOP HERE

If you want to see other photos of these ding dongs, check out our Instagram page!  Follow us, like us, comment us.  We love the attention and will continue to make you smile everyday.  We really do try to do this, if you know how it is, you’ll appreciate the effort.

Corgi Calendar

Check out our t-shirts too, they make great gifts for those Corgi fanatics in your life SHOP HERE  so cute and so kewl and so Corgi!

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