3 corgi butts

5 reasons why 3 corgis are better than 1

3 corgis?  Why?  Why not???

OK OK OK!!!  Could this be a blatant attempt at self-promotion?  Of course it is!  But let’s get real, here.  We own three Pembroke Corgis, and it didn’t happen overnight.  We never dreamed that we would own three pets, let alone 3 corgis, so let me shed some light on this.

Reason #1:  You will realize that each Corgi has a different personality

Ok, if you have one Corgi, we love you!  BUTT, and I mean Corgi butt, if you would like to know what our advice is…get more than 1.  Yes, this is about getting 3, but in the end, its about having more than 1.  3 Corgis is nice, too.  Anyway, in these pics below, the first thing we realized is how much they were different from one another.  Wolfgang is the goofy, still one that happens to run everywhere.  Doesn’t make sense?  I know.  Cupcake is the pushy princess, always inserting herself with no fear.  And Hambone, the old guy, the protector, mild mannered, even shares his treats, and always willing to sit by your side.

Creeping Never Alone Hambone the Corgi

Reason #2:  The playtime will triple

Yes, at the park.  What a fun time, while Hambone paces the perimeter, Wolfgang is chasing around his crushes while Cupcake has to keep a constant eye on us!

3 corgis 3 corgis 3 corgis

Reason #3:  Instead of two eyes staring at you, there will be six that make you melt

No matter what you do, they will be staring at you in unison.  What’s happening next, Ma and Pa?  They travel in a pack everywhere, poking and peaking, guessing, judging…

3 corgis Never Alone

Reason #4:  Even when you need sleep, you will never be alone

At the end of the night, the crew will retire with you, good or bad.  Cuddles one minute, and pushing you into a corner the next.  I actually cramp on the right side of my body from the scooting around all night.  We wouldn’t trade it in for nothing.

3 corgis in bed Corgi Cuddles

Reason #5:  You have 2 more reasons to smile every single day!!!

And lastly, when you’re down, they instantly lift your spirits.  All day, everyday.  They say that a dog is man’s best friend.  Well, 3 Corgis goes above and beyond this feeling.  We never thought that this was a future, but are we glad that we have this much love coming at us!

3 corgi butts Wolfgang, Hambone and Cupcake

There you have it.  I really stress the awesomeness of having three.  Or, even two for that matter.  And, your furbaby needs a friend, a friend in deed!

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  1. Thanks for this post! We have two PWC’s right now – male and female – and are on a waiting list for a third (male). I’m a bit nervous about adding a third, so your post really reassured me. Your crew is adorable!

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