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Artist Profile: Mariposa Miniatures

Hi, I’m Meghan. I’m a Western New York native now living in sunny California. I love bird watching, drinking tea, daydreaming, and collecting tiny things. I first started sculpting at a very young age, and sold at my first craft show under the name “Meg’s Minis” at age 10! I’ve been hooked on creating and sharing my art with the world ever since. I re-discovered my love for sculpting in 2012 and soon after Mariposa Miniatures was born.

What is your art based upon, such as medium? All of my work is hand sculpted with polymer clay, painted with acrylics, and finished off with a super glossy varnish.

Polymer Clay Art

What was your inspiration to get started? I have always loved sculpting, and just happened to stumble back into it at the right time. I draw inspiration from everywhere, but some of my favorite subjects are birds, fairies, and other fantasy critters. When I was young, I could never find cute jewelry that suited my tastes, and didn’t irritate my nickel allergies, so I decided to make my own! Thankfully, as an adult, I still have the same taste in whimsical jewelry.

What do you love about being an artist? I love how spontaneous being an artist is. I can wake up with an idea one morning, and see it finished by the end of the day! I work in miniatures because I don’t have the attention span for larger pieces, so I love that I can work on different ideas quickly.

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What are some challenges of being an artist? Motivation, focus, and keeping a good schedule can be challenging. Many times I have had to balance a part-time job while also running my art business and it can be challenging! You just need to be sure to set reasonable goals for yourself, work a little bit every day, but be sure to rest when your body tells you to.

Advice for aspiring artists? My advice to aspiring artists is to stop worrying that you aren’t “good enough.” The idea of “good enough” is an illusion, because we are all always improving! When I started I wasn’t “good enough” but I kept pushing forward and practicing and my art improved. Just figure out what “successful” means to you.

Polymer Clay Ornaments

What other artists do you love? Some of my favorite artists are Tea Fox Illustrations, Naomi Romero, Rio Sculptures, Fairies and Fancies, and Willow Works Studio.

Anything else to include, anything, something you want to tell everyone? Corgis are of my favorite breed of dogs (second only to Beagles) and I would love to raise one someday. But, right now, I am a happy “mother” of a little bird son named Potato, and I don’t think he would want any competition.

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