Three Corgis: Review Best Bully Sticks

More cool pet treats than you can shake a stick at!

We are so lucky to be on the radar for some awesome pet products.  This time around:  Best Bully Sticks!  Of course, the easiest way to contact us is through Instagram.  We check it everyday, but more so, our email is wonky, and getting back to people is kinda hard!  OK, so we get a direct message from the folks at Best Bully Sticks, to see if we would like to test out their product.  In their company profile, on their website,

Best Bully Sticks Best Bully Sticks

A Richmond, VA business founded in 2008, Best Bully’s mission is to provide high quality Bully Sticks, Dog Treats and Dog Chews at great prices.  CEO and Owner, Avrum Elmakis, and his wife started their own natural pet-treat company because they realized there was a need for affordable, single-ingredient dog treats and chews. All of our products are 100% all natural and made from the highest quality ingredients.

Cool.  I like the profile, USA made, natural and grass fed, too!  I replied, “Of course we’ll try out your bully sticks!!!”  And, thus, the magic begins.

Best Bully SticksPet Treats

What arrived a few days later were Cow Ears and Beef BonBons.  As you can see there was a sense of curiousness for these brand spanking new treats!  I was a little bummed that there were no actual bully sticks, but kind of stoked that there were new options to try.

Corgi photo Corgi photo

These guys were climbing all over me for the Beef BonBons.  I was super intrigued…they loved them!  One tip, the bonbons are perishable, so they recommend placing them in the fridge; however, I put them in the freezer to give them a little kick.  It worked!

Three Corgis Three Corgis Three Corgis

Lastly, the true test was the pig ears.  They basically tired all three out!  That was super awesome because they need a treat and I need a break.  The great thing is that the ears last a minute and do not stink up the joint.  That is great for us with 3 dogs chewing at the same time.

Our official review gets 3 Corgis up!  Success.  I highly recommend this product.  We are ever so grateful for the package from Best Bully Sticks and will definitely seek these out to purchase in the future.

Three Corgis

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