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Black Friday from Three Corgis

Join in on the wild fun on Black Friday

Hello All!  This is the first Black Friday special EVER!  For today only, get 20% off of all merchandise.  That’s right, anything like tees, tanks and calendars!  Don’t you want something with these dudes on it?  Three Corgis is super pumped so don’t waste anymore time, and get yours by using the coupon code #threecorgis

The sale starts on November 29, 2013 9:00am PST – 9:00pm PST

Check out what you can buy…

xmas corgi teexmas hambone teexmas corgi

And more of these guys

corgi butts drive me nuts

20% off coupon code #threecorgis

corgis gonna corg

and then stuff like THIS

Three Corgis 2014 calendar IMG_7616 IMG_7614 IMG_7613IMG_7612

I mean, can you believe it??? 20% OFF of any item in the shop.  So, get excited and check out the Three Corgis shop, if you can handle it.

And don’t forget these honeys for your honey and your hoooneeeeeey!

Three Corgis Wolfgang Rainbow TankThree Corgis Hambone Rainbow TankThree Corgis Cupcake Rainbows Tank

Black Friday is a nightmare and a dream, all in one day.  However, you can get yourself something or something special for some else.  You know, I see you Corgi Instagram people hinting at your loved ones for something.  I know, if I could wear this everyday, I would!

The sale starts on November 29, 2013 9:00am PST – 9:00pm PST.  Coupon code #threecorgis

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