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10 Corgi themed gifts for the holidays


HOWLIDAY gifts are here, they’re amazing More than likely, if you are here, you are a Corgi lover, right? Exactly, so in the spirit of the Corgidays and cheer, let’s get this started! Enjoy and shop these amazing Corgi themed gifts for the Corgi lover in your life. You know that Buzzfeed just puts these[…]

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What’s new for Rocktober!

Corgi plushies

October 2019 news and such Barooo!  We can’t believe the year is just flying by like the wind!  It’s already October! Get your costumes ready, my gawwwd! We’ve been going through a ton of changes, if you noticed (wink wink), and most of these changes are focused on the Three Corgis SHOP.  Our new direction[…]

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The Frappiness! Issue No. 1

Corgi Zine

The FRAPPINESS! IS HERE Hello!  Or rather, BAROOO!  Yasss, The Frappiness! Issue No. 1 zine is here!  Wow! It’s been some long nights of Indesign, but it is finally here! So, what is The Frappiness!?  With all these amazing Corgis and their stories out there, it seemed like the right thing to do.  This is[…]

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Dog Physical Therapy and Acupuncture

A satisfied customer

Alternative treatments for post spinal surgery, AKA dog physical therapy to get your pup moving Dog physical therapy is a viable option for post back surgery.  We were lucky to find a great facility, Beach Animal Rehab Center, in Torrance CA, where we were able to have a place with hope and answers.  Here is[…]

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Your vet, how to find a good one, part 1

Wolfgang and Angus at the vet

Finding a vet for your pet should be step 1 in the long journey of pet ownership Disclaimer:  This is an opinion based on our family’s experience.  Always take the time to form your own actions. Hi Fellow Furbaby Pawrents!   This is the first post in a two parter about finding a vet for[…]

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Dear Aspiring Instagram Stars

Buzzfeed cutest Corgis on Instagram

Read this at your own risk, feelings may get hurt Dear Aspiring Instagram Stars, This letter is to all of the aspiring pet influencers who are about to enter the social media game.  Let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. For real, I am frank and honest, no bullshit. My goal is to enlighten you,[…]

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Angus, the Corgi puppy, and his journey

Three Corgis

How a Corgi puppy joined our lives! Let’s talk Angus.  Yes, the wild little nugget from Washington, Bellingham to be exact.  We love this little guy so much. Since he’s about to be a year old soon, I thought it would be a good time to tell his journey to our home. A day didn’t[…]

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Acupuncture and dogs

Animal and pet acupuncture treatment

Hambone’s adventures in dog acupuncture With our active Instagram account, we have received many inquiries regarding dog acupuncture.  Here is the story behind our wonderful journey into TCM and pets. I am an avid alternative health advocate, seeking ways to improve my health without Western drugs.  It wasn’t until about 10 years ago that my[…]

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Hambone’s back surgery and home care

Post surgery care for dog back surgery

What to expect when you bring your pet home from back surgery You’ll never be prepared for back surgery for your pup, no matter when it happens.  This post is really about what will prepare you for the aftermath of dog back surgery.  It will always take you by surprise, and is often seen as[…]

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Healthier dog food choices

Ollie human grade dog food

Good nutrients in your dog food is key As you may know, the most important concern for our Corgis is diet. Not dieting, but their diet and what we put in their bellies. As these guys age, and the pet world continues to evolve, we keep up to date on all the new products out[…]

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Camping checklist for dog glamping

camping with dogs

Here’s what you need for an easier dog glamping trip It’s summertime, and that means getting outside and enjoying the fresh air!  If you are like us, then you want to bring all of your family members with you.  Yes, bringing your dogs is a great idea, and here is the checklist for dog glamping.[…]

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Dog gift ideas for the Corgi hooman in your life

dog gift ideas

Hmmm…what do i get that Corgi hooman? Every year, people ask us what we would like for Christmas.   What they really want to know is what should they get us that has something to do with our Corgi pups.  You know, dog gift ideas.  Well, now that you ask, there are a few things[…]

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Camping with dogs, Jalama Beach CA

camping with dogs

Beach camping with dogs is the shizzle, my dizzle! We love hanging out at home, which you could see daily, but once in a while, we want to get out and let the wind blow through our hair!  Camping with dogs!  Yes, this will be our second jaunt in a year.  The last time was[…]

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Cute pics cuz that’s all we got right now!

Cute pics of Cupcake and Wolfgang

2015 is off to a fast start! This year is really flying by.  So fast, that our last post covered the Xmas holidays!  Ugh!  So, it order to maintain our SEO ranking, yeah right, here is our latest on just cute pics of Hambone, Cupcake and Wolfgang.  I mean, what more can you ask for?[…]

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Dogs in costumes, OH MY!!!

Dogs in Costumes

Corgi costumes are the best As hoomans, we aren’t the biggest fans of Halloween.  You know, the weird people obsessed with dressing up.  I had a friend in college, Wade, who chose to dress up like a woman every single year.  Shaved his legs.  Had full make up and wig.  I have absolutely nothing against[…]

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Corgi butts drive me nuts

Xmas Corgi Butts

Corgi butts make a play for your heart With all this Nicki Minaj anaconda hype, or twerking and such, you’d think that this was a sudden blitz on the arse.  Oh heck no!  The Corgi butt is the OG and should not be reckoned with! You have been warned!!!  The next photos will cause you[…]

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Dirty dogs done dirt cheap, glamping pt deux

Corgis in the Wild

What do you get when you mix three corgis and the great outdoors?  Dirty dogs! Thank you all for reading the first installment of the Three Corgis adventure in Moses Gulch.  Here’s a quick recap:  they be getting down and dirty in the wild!  Whew!  Let’s continue this mad adventure, the frapping, the eating, the[…]

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Glamping with three filthy Pembrokes. Out in the wild! Part 1

Three Corgis go glamping

In the great outdoors, camping, glamping, frapping and more A vacation is nice.  But a vacation with these guys can be impossible.   Impossible, you say???  NEVER!!!  We will not venture into resort style vacationing.  Nor will we go to Disneyland.  However, we can go glamping.  Yes, my friends, glamorous + camping = glamping.  Packing[…]

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What is a Derp???

Corgi Derp

All dogs Derp, but Corgis are super derpilicious Derp, as Quoted from Urban Dictionary: A facial expression reminiscent of one who is retarded. It often involves eyes turned in different directions and a stupid smile. In reply to that idiotic comment, I posted a picture of a retarded facial expression with the caption “This is my[…]

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Cute Corgis for February 2020

Cute corgis of Instagram

Let’s get this list going! If you love cute Corgis, and love to follow them on Instagram, then let the good times roll, my furiends! Don’t forget to follow us Instagram @threecorgis 1. Super Corgi JoJo the OG surfing Corgi! A super furiend…we love JoJo and are considered besties… 2. JeJe Juhn the tippy tapping[…]

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Corgi Gifts for Holiday Shopping

Milo Corgi Light

Shopping for the Corgi Lover is easier with these Corgi gifts! Can you believe that the holidays are already upon us? Wow! This year has frapped by with a vengeance. But, we’ve loaded the shop with Corgi gifts for all of your friends. How’s that for a pluggy plug??? Get a jump on this because[…]

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Howliday Corgi gifts!

Handmade Corgi Gifts

Corgi gifts for the holidays will brighten anyone’s day, right??? Happy Howlidays, everyone!  Maybe you have noticed, but we’ve been selling some super cute Corgi-themed items lately…like the Corgi pool float, the poop bag dispensers, the adorbs Squishables…  Yes, thank you to all who have purchased and given these sweeties homes! Now, as we all[…]

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Artist Profile: Mariposa Miniatures

Polymer Clay Corgi Necklace

Hi, I’m Meghan. I’m a Western New York native now living in sunny California. I love bird watching, drinking tea, daydreaming, and collecting tiny things. I first started sculpting at a very young age, and sold at my first craft show under the name “Meg’s Minis” at age 10! I’ve been hooked on creating and[…]