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Artist Profile: PixelYum

PixelYum Etsy Artist

My name is Lesieli and I love all things cute! I live with my husband, twin sons, and dog in Arizona. What is your art based upon, such as medium? Mostly digital art, but also shrink plastic and stickers. What was your inspiration to get started? I have always loved to draw and create things,[…]

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What’s new for Rocktober!

Corgi plushies

October 2019 news and such Barooo!  We can’t believe the year is just flying by like the wind!  It’s already October! Get your costumes ready, my gawwwd! We’ve been going through a ton of changes, if you noticed (wink wink), and most of these changes are focused on the Three Corgis SHOP.  Our new direction[…]

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The Frappiness! Issue No. 1

Corgi Zine

The FRAPPINESS! IS HERE Hello!  Or rather, BAROOO!  Yasss, The Frappiness! Issue No. 1 zine is here!  Wow! It’s been some long nights of Indesign, but it is finally here! So, what is The Frappiness!?  With all these amazing Corgis and their stories out there, it seemed like the right thing to do.  This is[…]

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Dog Physical Therapy and Acupuncture

A satisfied customer

Alternative treatments for post spinal surgery, AKA dog physical therapy to get your pup moving Dog physical therapy is a viable option for post back surgery.  We were lucky to find a great facility, Beach Animal Rehab Center, in Torrance CA, where we were able to have a place with hope and answers.  Here is[…]

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Your vet, how to find a good one, part 2

Three Corgis Cupcake at the vet

Ready for the next step?  Your second veterinarian visit is a great opportunity to create a great relationship! Disclaimer:  This is an opinion based on our family’s experience.  Always take the time to form your own actions. Hello!  I introduce the second post in this short series.  If you are here, I assume that you[…]