camping with dogs

Camping with dogs, Jalama Beach CA

Beach camping with dogs is the shizzle, my dizzle!

We love hanging out at home, which you could see daily, but once in a while, we want to get out and let the wind blow through our hair!  Camping with dogs!  Yes, this will be our second jaunt in a year.  The last time was at Balch Creek in the Sequoias, see here, and it was awesome.  This is the beginning of summer, so we ventured a little closer to home, at sunny, breezy Jalama Beach CA, an hour north of Santa Barbara.

Check out our last trip to the Sequoias

Camping with dogs is super cool.  For one, they can get filthy and don’t care!  Second, they run around like maniacs and have a great time.  They eat off of the dirt, they roll in it, they get it in their nose.  They even sleep in it.  Dirt is their friend.

But for us, the best thing is watching them be dogs.  Guarding the campsite, greeting new friends, getting mad about raccoons.   Its pretty fun to watch.  Here are a few highlights:

We got the car loaded up, and started the trek!

Cupcake on the go! Cupcake is trying to drive Wolfgang is getting into the act Hambone was the only patient one

When they got there, it was madness, so they had to be tied down…

Excited by the BBQAll three

Time to let loose!

campsiteCamping with dogs

Jalama Beach CA Jalama Beach CA


Nightfall and its time to hang out in front of the fire, or just cuddle in the tent.camping with dogs REI Kingdom 6

We found Hambone in here by himself, getting out of the chaos!Hambone hiding out


We will post part 2 soon.  For now, say hello to some happy pups!beach life

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