Canidae PURE Heaven Biscuits

Love that Canidae cuz its PURE heaven!!!

Canidae Pure Heaven biscuits are the bomb

Canidae PURE Heaven Biscuits

Ok, so these guys are Corgis.  Yes!  And what do Corgis do?  They beg for snicko snacks!  So, when we were approached by Canidae via our Instagram account to try out their product, we said “Of course!!!  Why wouldn’t we???”  First of all, I am familiar with the Canidae brand, as they sell their stuff in all of the premium pet stores.  I have not purchased their food; however, since I trust the stores that we go to, I figured that this brand was reputable.

What are Canidae PURE Heaven biscuits?

Canidae PURE Heaven Biscuits

I went to their site, and found tons of info on these snicko snacks.  Here is the ingredient breakdown:

Wholesome Sesame Seeds: A delicious, wholesome source of vitamins and minerals and one of the first seed crops ever cultivated by humans. They are even included in a list of medicinals dated to be 3,600 years old!

Nutritious Avocado Oil: Coveted by chefs, avocado oil is not only delicious, it has a blend of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids making it a great addition to an already healthy snack.

Extraordinary Turmeric: Favored by cooks in many cultures for its wonderful flavor and bright yellow color. But beyond its culinary importance, the active ingredient in turmeric is sold in health food stores today in its concentrated form to treat a variety of  ailments.

Crunchy Texture: Helps clean your dog’s teeth

Easy Snap: Easily snapped into smaller sizes to treat dogs of all sizes or to use as a training reward

Resealable Pouch: Keeps treats fresh tasting and crispy for the crunch dogs love!

Made in the USA

Canidae PURE Heaven Biscuits

I would say that with all the issues surrounding pet food, allergies, toxins, poisons and what not, most dog owners who are putting a lot of time and money into their beloved pets are moving toward a healthier and safer food product for their furbabies.  Our Corgis are on an organic, chicken-free, grain-free diet, and let me tell you, it ain’t cheap!  When it comes to treats, its pretty hard to tell what is good, but since these products are made in the USA, that is at least one safe sign that there is a bit of quality control.

Since I cook their meals, I have not tried the basic Canidae products; however, I do agree that their company philosophy is in line with how I feel about our pets.  I want them to be around for a very LONG time!

The Verdict

If you can see in the photos, Hambone, Cupcake and Wolfgang were totally stoked to get a new snicko snack!  They loved them.  I liked how they were easy to handle, not too stinky and you could break it in half.  That was pretty unique, especially when you just want to give them a training treat and not blow the entire bag!  They get the Three Corgis approval:  Woof Woof Woof!!!

The core philosophy of Canidae:

A Healthier Today For A Longer Tomorrow®
Our CANIDAE® family wants your family to live long, happy and healthy lives together. We all love our pets and they love us unconditionally in return. This love drives us to create foods and treats that are nutritious, delicious, trustworthy and fun. Carefully selected ingredients, blended together in precise recipes, will nourish your pet’s body and spirit. We do this because, to us, they are part of the heart and soul of our families.

Canidae PURE Heaven Biscuits Canidae PURE Heaven Biscuits

Canidae PURE Heaven Biscuits

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