The case for pet insurance

It’s so confusing!

I have to admit, it’s a bit of an overwhelming topic.  And, it is something that most pet owners only think about when its too late.  When your dog is sick and has to be placed in care over night or worse, when your pet needs very expensive surgery or treatment.  Heaven forbid that anything bad happens to your beloved pet, but I stress the discussion to happen sooner than later.

three corgis all three

I have three awesome dogs.  They have pet insurance.  Yes, I pay an annual rate to cover the most that is available.  This post isn’t about which is the best, but it is about how I came about determining why and which to choose.  Sometimes, I think to myself that if I pay, nothing will every happen.  But, as soon as they do not have it, I can imagine that the worst will happen.  Its weird logic, but I cross my fingers that a payment will keep them healthy and well.

I have been very fortunate that Hambone has only had semi-serious over night care.  Knock on wood.  However, the bill came out to be around $1200.  The insurance covered around $850, which was amazing.  He had some weird bug, without any good explanation, but was fine.  I’ll write another post about the symptoms next time.

There are two main companies that I have seen up to this point:  VPI and ASPCA.

VPI stands for Veterinary Pet Insurance.  When I first signed on for Hambone, since he’s eleven, they only had 2 choices.  Now, they have 3 levels for your pet care:  Comprehensive, Economical and Emergency.  Since Hambone is the oldest, I try to get him the most expensive one.  Price ranges from $120 to $720 a year.  VPI is located here.

ASPCA  stands for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  This is a long standing organization that offers pet insurance.  They have 4 choices, that also includes pre-existing conditions from year to year.  Hambone does not qualify for this any longer, as he is older.  Which does not make sense to me if there is history.  The 4 choices are based upon levels of incident costs, ranging from $2500 to $7000 a year.  ASPCA is located here.

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