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Some inspiration is well received

I am quite frequently asked for Corgi advice on the Three Corgis.  It could anything from breeders to shedding, and boy do they like to shed.  No home should be without a Furminator.  If you do not have one, get one.  They are amazing.

Back to point!  I am pretty good at helping people out, so I am inspired to start a somewhat of an advice column.  I will do my best to answer questions as they come in.

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Corgi advice NUMBER 1 :  “Should I get a Corgi?”

There are few things about these lovey guys.  Pros:  Great indoor dogs.  Great with kids.  Do not need a lot of physical stimulation.  Fairly healthy.  Long life.  Medium sized.  Very smart.  Cons:  They are high shedders.  They are way too smart for their own good sometimes.  They tend to get fat.  They bark a lot, at times.

So, the question is, “Is a Corgi for you?”  If you want a dog that is just a toy for your children, the answer is “No.”  However, if you want a family member that participates in your life, then “Yes.”  Corgis are pushy, fun, expressive, loving, yet assertive, strong willed, loyal.  They are a part of your family, and need to be treated as such.  I do, however, stress that there is some form of disciplined diet and exercise.  They love to lounge and beg.  Once they start gaining weight, it is difficult to get it off.  I stress diet.

Check out the lazy bones laying around the house…

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7 thoughts on “Corgi advice!”

  1. As a responsible corgi owner and lover of the breed, I just want to thank you for giving this info. And MOST of all, thanks for mentioning the easy weight gain and the fact that it will be hard to get back off once it’s there! They are athletic little dogs, but that short stature and long body make it really hard for them to carry anything extra comfortably. Definitely one of the most important aspects to consider if someone is contemplating being “owned by a corgi!” ;)

  2. Don’t forget the part about they follow you 24 hours a day because they want to always be with you, and I’m glad my two did 12 years.

    1. I dread the day that any of them leave. I was never a dog person, and now I have three! Please get another, as they bring so much joy and love to life.

  3. I first want to say I love your twitter and Instagram, your corgis are absolutely precious! But I’ve never had a dog, only a cat but I’ve been around a lot of dogs and I know that corgis are the cutest ones! Do you know if they get along with cats? Or how friendly they are towards others? I want to make sure I can handle a corgi before trying to get one.

    1. Thank you so much. As long as your cat likes dogs, that is fine. Corgis are mild mannered, rambunctious as puppies, but you need to temper that early. Hambone had a run in with an older cat once, but he was sniffing her too close. Other than that, they love other pets.

  4. I`m looking forward to get a Corgi puppy but my husband and I work all day. Would he be ok on spending a few hours alone at home? I have a maid that comes to my house twice a week, and my husband, beeing a doctor, has more flexible time, and arrives at home earlier than me on Mondays and wednesdays. What is your advice for us so we don`t let the dog anxious with our absence?

    1. Hi, great question. Basically, all of our Corgis are crate trained. This is extremely important to research. The crate acts as haven for them, as dogs are den-oriented, think wolves. So, once you get your puppy, make the crate a positive place for him to sleep, eat and play with toys. This will also prevent them from pooping or peeing in it. This also assists with house training. They will learn to only pee/poop outside of their den. Hambone used to be in the crate for hours at a time with no anxiety. I will write a post today giving more detail, but overall, read online. i highly recommend that you guys at least take a week off to get your new baby some sense of comfort. Are you doing that?

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