Corgi Band Tank

Summer is kicking in with corgi apparel

Put a smile on with these summer duds

For all of you out there, whether you are a part of #corgination or not, maybe a cuteness fanatic, or some dude that likes to wear nutty tees, you have to get your Three Corgis gear up for summer fun!  Who doesn’t love corgi apparel??? NOW, all pieces are 15% off with the CODE #CORGINATION at check out.  Yes, this includes EVERYTHING!  At least, what is available on the site.   Which is fair, don’t you think? For the ladies, we have this awesome piece…the Corgi band tank, in black, white and mauve.  I love this because it really does say it all for these guys.  Hambone, the dude, Cupcake aloof, and Wolfgang wondering if he needs to pay attention. Corgi Band Tank This is also available for UNISEX, which means it is for men, but can be worn oversized for women.  This is available in black, white and light grey.  I’ve seen this worn by girls, so don’t be afraid!  This corgi apparel is off the chain! Corgi Band Tank Unisex   That is the latest and greatest, but here is a sample of the rest that are in the SHOP.  All of these represent the cutest, in my opinion, in Corgi apparel, so there’s something for everyone.  Check them out here! corgi apparel corgi apparel corgi apparel

Fill your corgi apparel needs here…and kinda like NOW!!!

corgi apparel corgi apparel corgi apparel   So, all items are on sale for 15% off at the check out.  Just use #CORGINATION as the coupon code, and get your zany on for the summer.  You know, hanging out by the pool, doing the lawn, shopping for some beers and taking selfies. Check out the Three Corgis swag in the shop.  You won’t be disappointed, I hope! Don’t forget to follow us on all the social media sites!   On YouTube and Instagram @threecorgis.  Follow us on Twitter (until the account gets suspended).   Follow us on Google+

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