Rage at Corgi Beach Day July 13, 2013!

So fun in the summer sun!

Though they missed the first one in the spring, Hambone, Cupcake and Wolfgang made it to the summer edition of the SoCal Corgi Beach Day at Dog Park in Huntington Beach.  Man, it was nuts!  In the best way possible, of course. Here is a recap of the festivities and action: We started off with fresh new bandanas, logo’d Three Corgis, and were off from the lovely home of Hermosa Beach to the sandy shores of Huntington Beach.  It was just a 35 min drive, but Cupcake whined the entire way.  She knew some kickass fun was about to happen.  Don’t they look super excited?corgi beach dayDon’t forget to check out the Three Corgis Shop for cool stuff!
corgi beach dayNext up, we made it to the location, but since it is summer, the parking was nuts.  So, we walked about a half mile.  No biggie.  What a great day!corgi beach daydogbeach19 2dogbeach06 2Then we finally made the approach.  I thought it was a surf contest, but alas, it was the Corgi Beach Day!!!  It was so nuts!  At first you see a crowd of people, and no dogs!  But, you really have to look really good, because they are closer than to the shorebreak.  Oh! Yes, they were coming up real fast…dogbeach31 1corgi beach daycorgi beach dayWOW!  Its was incredible.  So many Corgis and friends, running around, playing, rolling around in the sand, getting in trouble!  Wolfgang was getting yelled at constantly.  Wolfgang!!!dogbeach11 1dogbeach50 1corgi beach dayThere’s not much else to say, but they had a marvelous time!  And they were super pooped!  Here’s looking at the next one, Corgi Nation!Corgi Beach Daycorgi beach dayThank you to all of the hard working guys at this FaceBook page, sponsored by Pickles Da Corgi.  They worked really hard, sorry we missed the group photo…Stay tuned for videos coming soon!

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