Xmas Corgi Butts

Corgi butts drive me nuts

Corgi butts make a play for your heart

With all this Nicki Minaj anaconda hype, or twerking and such, you’d think that this was a sudden blitz on the arse.  Oh heck no!  The Corgi butt is the OG and should not be reckoned with!

You have been warned!!!  The next photos will cause you to freak out in butt madness.  You have been warned!!!  Corgi butts drive me nuts.

Two Corgi Butts Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts

These are the stereotypical arse shots.  Basically, simple, natural and candid.  No harm here, as these are the most common and mild mannered occurrences.

Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts

These are examples of the side butt and half sploot.  If you don’t know what a sploot is, check out the article here.

Wolfgang Corgi Hambone Corgi Butt

Now, its getting a little crazy in here!  These are the upside down double axl funtastic corgi butt shots.  Notice the form and the anti-gravity stance, holding oh so still.

Cupcake Corgi Butt Wolfgang Corgi

Next up, the very rare indeed, back looking butt.  Pretty impressive and pretty rare to see.  This takes deep concentration as the feet must be firmly planted in order to face in the complete opposite direction of the buns.  Hoomans can’t even pull this one off.  So please wait a moment and take it all in!

Corgi butts drive me nuts!

Corgi Butts Drive You Nuts Corgi Butts Drive You Nuts Corgi Butts Drive You Nuts And these are the group shots.  Again, these are dogs, so being in a pack is instinctual.  Don’t get me wrong, how much time and energy does it take to take a squat and get a shot?  Tons, bro.

Xmas Corgi Butts Xmas Corgi Butts Xmas Corgi Butts Xmas Corgi Butt And, last, but not certainly the least, is the holiday Corgi butt shot.  Did they make these jammies just to frame up the furry trousers, as our friend French would claim?  Of course they did.  Look at the little pant legs.  These are absolutely incredible, don’t you agree?  Corgi butts drive me nuts

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