Corgi Butt

Corgi Butts drive you nuts!!!

The mystery of Corgi butts explained

If you have ever loved a Corgi, you have definite familiarity of the famous ass of these guys.  Round, fluffy, wiggly, cute.  So cute.  This is an exercise of the limitless smile that Corgi butts create when its photographed and appears in your social media feed, right?  Here is a short journey of the infamous ass shot…

As an example, this is the classic #corgibuttdrivesmenuts shot:

CoThis is Cupcake at the watering hole.  A great opportunity to take a headless shot, one of the fan favorites.  If there is a headless rear shot, it is a bit over the top! Next, the action shots.

Corgi Butt corgibutt52corgibutt26So awesome.  People love to watch their butts sway like hula skirts.  It is pretty funny when they are on a role.  When I have the chance to get them to stand on something, its the best.  Here is a very difficult one, where you have to get them to stand, be still and then I have to focus the camera.  Ugh!

corgibutt51corgibutt31Here is a bunch of randoms.  I have so many, its pretty insane.  Basically, the Corgi butt is a combination of no tail, fluffy back and short legs.  A friend once called them “furry trousers”.  I did not really get it until I noticed that the fluff goes down the legs.  Mainly on Cupcake.

Corgi ButtCorgi ButtCorgi Buttcorgibutt32Corgi ButtCorgi ButtAnd lastly, here are the ones that really get a laugh.  Always have to have that camera ready, but it is not easy getting this in action and not blurry!  Come on, its a Corgi butt!

Corgi Buttcorgibutt04corgibutt10Corgi Butt

Corgi ButtThree Corgis on YouTubeCorgi Buttand don’t forget the puppy butt!!!



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