2014 Corgi Calendar

The Corgi calendar is here! Three Corgis style!

Don’t miss out on the your 2014 corgi calendar

Last year was a big year for Three Corgis, as the calendar formally launched these guys into a business, rather than a cute Instagram account.  I love the fact that it was a dream that was actualized with 28 calendars sold, who knew?  Yes, there were a few snafus, but I held strong and got them out!

So, I know you are all waiting for this!!!  Yes!  Its finally here!!!  The Three Corgis 2014 Calendar with our favorite photos from 2013!  Whoopie!  Whew.  That was nuts.  Check this Corgi calendar out, you won’t be disappointed.

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Here is a sample of the cuties and cutie cutes gracing the pages of this awesome handmade calendar.  It is printed on premium matte paper with fadeless and waterproof ink, 5.5″ x 8.5″ full color, includes 12 months are fun.

Three Corgis 2014 calendar IMG_7617

Can you even handle the cuteness here?  Its amazing.IMG_7616 IMG_7614

What a ham for the camera!  Cupcake is out of her mind, but this photo got over 1000 likes on Instagram!IMG_7613

Who can forget this year’s Corgi Beach Day at Huntington Beach.  It was so overwhelming and so nuts.  Next summer…IMG_7612 IMG_7609

Ok.  So, I am super stoked that this is ready to go.  This year’s Corgi calendar is a labor of love, and I would love love to not have to make these by hand, but it is my genes.  Get one.  Get one for your friends!  Get one for someone you love!  Heck!  Just get one!  Oh, and thank you for all the support that the corgination brings to this world.

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