Corgi costume extravaganza!

Its Three Corgis in their nutso bee costumes!  Wu Tang forever!!!

Check this out.  Every year, it gets harder to find 3 costumes for Cupcake, Hambone and Wolfgang.  The best costumes can be found out Target.  No joke.  But, you have to get their early, and this was not exception.  I got the banana there, the dinosaur, the hotdog.  And, now, the great killer bee outfits.  It’s pretty awesome.  Check out these guys in their corgi costume.

What up dudes?  Are we having fun, yet???

three corgis corgi costume all three corgisthree corgis cupcake in bee costume

Look at his face!three corgis corgi costume with wolfgang

three corgis corgi costume with hambonethree corgis is like herding catsthree corgis corgi costume all three corgis
three corgis corgi costume with hambone


The best part is the consistent look on Hambone’s face. He really hates wearing costumes. Its almost like he knows that he is being humiliated.

So do I love Halloween?  Not really.  But do I love putting on an awesome costume on one of these pups?  Of course.  Its the best.  I’m thinking about which one will I place on a special holiday tee shirt.  We’ll see.  By the way, this photo shoot took about 20 minutes, which is a lot for these guys.  It really is a pain in the arse.  But, we love our doggies!

For your viewing pleasure, check them out messing around.  Or go to the YouTube Three Corgis channel…

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