Corgi Fish

A Corgi and his pet fish

Hambone and his obsession with Corgi fish

I don’t know about a lot of dogs, but I have one that is particularly obsessed with his fish.  Here is a photo to articulate the love between Hambone and his pet fish. Hambone's fish Yes, it looks like an ordinary photo of a dog with his toy, but this is the deal.  Hambone will have this particular fish in his mouth for quite a while.  Its called Corgi fish.  And, he circulates around the house, like the perimeter for more minutes than I can tell you.  He searches for fish.  He finds fish.  He trots and parades with fish.  Sometimes, I think this is a sign that Hambone is getting old, but he’s being doing it for quite a while.  Hambone's fish

And he trots down stairs, gets his fish, then comes back up stairs.  If the fish is up stairs, he barks at it, then grabs it and trots around even more.  Now, he does have other toys, but fish is his particular favorite.  Here is one photo without fish.  See how awkward it looks?

HamboneHambone's fishIts always close by.   This fish is made of wool, and is about 4 years old.  I see why they took if off the market.  I can’t seem to find this brand anywhere.

CupcakeCorgi BromanceSometimes, it just gets into the shot.  Where’s Hambone??? Corgi Fish Hambone Three Corgis Yes, this is the tale, no pun intended, about Hambone the happy Corgi and his pet fish!  One last one for the road.  Look at the smugness on his face!!!

three corgis

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