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What is a Corgi Fluffy?

Fluffy, you say?  Yes, Corgi Fluffy!

You’ve heard about the stately Welsh Pembroke Corgi.  And, you’ve heard of the arresting Welsh Cardigan Corgi.  You know about sables, tri-colors and brindles.  But, do you know of the Fluffy?  Well, consider yourself educated whilst reading this amazing explanation about the well loved and cuddly Corgi Fluffy.

I have seen a Cardigan Fluffy, yet, so this article will focus on the Pembroke Corgi Fluffy.  Here are a few photos first for the lay up.  This first cutie is one of my Instagram favorites, Abby.  She is so cute, its amazing.

corgi fluffy

And this guy is George Harrison.  Another cutie.corgi fluffy

They are slightly, well, “fluffier” than the typical Corgi.  If you can imagine the shedding with these guys.  But, it is all worth it, because they are so adorable.  Now, if you really want to have your mind blow, check out the puppies!  OMG!  Buzzfeed has not discovered the lovable fluffy Corgi, to my knowledge.

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This furball is Bryson.  I have no more words for this baby.puppy corgi fluffy

And this baby baby is Hugo.

puppy corgi fluffy

Don’t you just want to die?  I do!  So, the what is the biggest difference other than the fluffy fur and cuddliness?  Probably nothing much.  I do want a Corgi Fluffy, but I also want a Cardigan, a masked one, another girl, the list goes on and on.

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Meet this sweetie pie.  He belongs to Cheryl in Hong Kong, I could not find his name. corgi fluffy

I really did check, but no name in English. Its pretty cool to see a fellow Corgi owner in Hong Kong, it shows you how international the breed is and the love for cute.  So, before we wrap this one up, I’m leaving you an awesome one from George Harrison in his Halloween costume.  So amazing how cute these guys are.  I love Fluffies!Corgi Fluffy

Check out these guys on their Instagram accounts, you will not be disappointed.  The cute is super special.

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13 thoughts on “What is a Corgi Fluffy?”

  1. Actually fluffy Corgis don’t shed like double coated dogs. The hair stays within the coat. Unfortunately, unlike a normal coated Corgi, they MAT!! It is important to comb them out regularly and especially after they have gotten wet.

  2. I am onto MY second FLUFFY and he does never shed. I have had 3 short haired corgis and THEIR coats were always over the floor. The FLUFFY Corgi HAVE a better attitude AND ARE very different. My opinion, THEY are the better of the two.

      1. aleen f. stone

        No one will admit it I guess..I have been hoping for my 2nd one for 2 years now..Probably a showcoat.(short coated) crossed with a Pomerainian would make one..but it would not be a true “Fluffy” My girl passed at 14.5 years..(glamour coat is the name given to the mutated fluffies) and they dont shed for some strange reason so I kept my girl’s coat short so she could run faster and be a happier dog

  3. aleen f stone

    My fluffy doesnt shed either and will be 14 on 6/9/17. I have kept her in a puppy cut for 12 years and she and everyone else loves it . She looks like a cuddly red panda and as the runt of the litter is the “most adorable dog ever seen “by so many other strangers..who have never seen a fluffy corgi before

  4. aleen f stone

    p.s. My other two red and whites were short coats ..Both with future health problems;with genetic myelopathy, and did well in a” K9 Cart” for more than a year before front legs went down at 11 yrs ..and the other , pancreatic cancer at 8 years. Both were purebred and I have seen 3 other short coat red and white Pemmies in those special carts as well..over the years.. Question, do only the r/w show coats have limb problems?

  5. aleen f. stone

    I see more about Fluffies now than I did 2 years ago. Im still looking for my 2nd fluffy My first passed away Dec of 2017. I think no one breeds them and only a Pemmy Pom is the only chance of getting another one

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