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Hey Corgi people!  It’s that time of year again to get in the spirit of gift giving.  This year, our post focuses on Corgi-themed products, made by small businesses in small batches.  We’re really excited because this gives us a chance to feature artisans who make things by hand or entrepreneurs who just love to put out Corgi gift products!

Corgi Things  

Corgi Christmas stockingCorgi shaped cookie cutter

The most prevalent brand known for their cute blankets and pins is Corgi Things.  Since introducing the pawsome cookie cutters, they’re really taking off!  Lucy and company have a happy, fun and kawaii design aesthetic that is based on their mantra:

“At Corgi Things, we believe in cultivating and spreading happiness with other likeminded “corgi people” around the world, one corgi thing at a time. Our products are designed with love, and we hope each one makes you smile.”


Corgi mug Starblob coffee

Known for its comic book look and sense of humor, Corgli is one of our favorites!  It’s a blob of Corg, and loves to pose in his fame!

“Corgli is a Blob of Corg. He’s potentially made of bread. Everything you see of Corgli is part of his unnoteworthy life and non-adventures. He would like to be famous one day. He also would love to be a successful actor (but isn’t very good at it…).”


Corgi holiday card Corgi notepad Corgi Wedding card

Created by Tiffany Wu, Tiffbits is the delicate cutie in the game.  Specializing in very cute greeting cards, this collection is absolutely what you expect from a thoughtful artist with attention to detail.

“With bits of sarcasm, empathy, encouragement, and affection sprinkled throughout. It’s all the components I think we need to get by in this crazy thing called life.”

Easy Sunday Club

Corgi Pin Corgi pin

Do you love watercolour art?  And love enamel pins? Easy Sunday Club is for you.  Cathy Zhang is a super sweet person with a beautiful hand in flowing animal artistry.  In addition to Corgis, she creates images of giraffes, elephants and more.

“To appreciate watercolor is to truly embrace its unpredictable nature. The organic movement of color bleeding into each other is intoxicating with each drop. I am naturally drawn to an expressive style because it gives me room to experiment and push my own artistic boundaries.”

Snugs & Cuds

Corgi fleece blanket Corgi fleece blanket for cancer

How about getting a beautiful blanket WHILE donating to pet cancer care?  Then Snugs & Cuds is right for you. Based upon their experience with Ginger and cancer treatment, this couple decided to provide comfy blankets for others at the Veterinary Cancer Group.  This lead to the great idea for a blanket biz!

“Ginger had been apart of our lives for almost ten years, we wanted to somehow keep the memory of our happy Corgi alive and soon thought of creating blankets with her image. Snugs & Cuds was envisioned with the memory of our frequent snuggles and cuddles with our pup, we hope that our blankets with enhance your time with yours.”

Visit the Three Corgis SHOP for more gifts



Handmade felt Corgi pin Handmade felt Corgi pin

Hand sewn felt brooches of…guess..Corgis, but more!  Doxies, beer bottles, bats, etc. All the way out of the UK, Cherrybean Crafts is a simple concept with very big personality.  Love the Bowie cats so much!


Needle felt Corgi Wedding Toppers Needle felted Corgi

The art of felting…so cool, so cute and SO HARD.  We know. We’ve tried with massive failure. So our respect and appreciation for Fiber Friends is immense!!!  Each product is hancrafted, with fine detail to fur color and personality, closely matching your Corgi. What a great idea for a friend who has everything!

“Fiber Friends are a blend of her illustrative style and the realistic portrayal of her clients’ pets or the animals found on and around her farm.”

Nayo The Corgi

Corki bottle stopper Corgi Leather Corgi keychain Corgi butt mouse pad

If you want to browse a ton of Corgi stuff, check out Nayo the Corgi.  You can find mugs, mousepads, backpacks, jewelry, whatever! You name it, they most likely will have it!  Stocking stuffers galore!!!

Le Chibi Momo

Needle felted Corgi

If you love handcrafted, have you seen the art of kongiri?  The japanese version of needle felting? Le Chibi Momo are cute little rice ball Corgis, tightly knitted in very adorable holiday-themed outfits.  And, in snow globes, too! So kawaii and the perfect Corgi gift!!!

With Corgis becoming more and more popular, expect to see more types of Corgi gift ideas from local artisans.  I think it’s pretty cool that the craft community is coming out and applying their skills and entrepreneurship for all of us to enjoy!  Here’s to the success of all of these furiends!

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