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Get your Corgi Gifts for 2017

Get your Corgi gifts for 2017

Now that the howliday season is in full gear, most likely you are wondering what would be the perfect gift for your local Corgi fan.  Yes, what would that be?  A Three Corgis tee?  A Three Corgis calendar?  Of course!!!  Please read on.  It’s all about the Corgi gifts this season, you know?  And, boy do we have some finds for you!

What is more stunning than a super kewl calendar featuring these three ding dongs!  Plus super cute stickers…

Corgi Calendar with Three CorgisCorgi Calendar 2017 with Three Corgiscorgi gifts 2017

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Or, how about a funny tee, like Wolfgang on a weed leaf?  Did you know its legal in many parts of the country?  Like beer or rye?  Yes, so don’t judge!  A lot of our rock and roll friends love this.  One time I posted it on Instagram, and it caused a shit storm with lovers and haters.  Basically, it was a shock for me, since we live in the US.  People in other countries were kind of bummed.  But, live and let live.

Corgi Weed TeeCorgi Weed Tee

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Or maybe you want the ever popular Cupcake in a Banana costume?  So adorbs!  Look at the love in her big brown eyes in her ridiculously cute costume.  They really don’t make like these any more.  We got this from Target a really long time ago.  Loved it!

Banana Cupcake Corgi Tee Banana Cupcake Corgi Tee Banana Cupcake Corgi Tee

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For real, these two are our best sellers, if you didn’t believe it.  Believe it!!!  They are the ginchiest.  If you love Corgis, then you’ll definitely will love these Corgi gifts for all!  Well, maybe the weed tee just for your adult friends.   Unless, their parents are into Huf or Supreme.

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