Milo Corgi Light

Corgi Gifts for Holiday Shopping

Shopping for the Corgi Lover is easier with these Corgi gifts!

Can you believe that the holidays are already upon us? Wow! This year has frapped by with a vengeance. But, we’ve loaded the shop with Corgi gifts for all of your friends. How’s that for a pluggy plug??? Get a jump on this because these are limited products and most are already getting a lot of clicks, wink wink! All gifts come with FREE stuff, don’t forget!

Corgi Lamp

Milo Corgi Light

Yes, the ever popular Corgi light up lamp is here! Who wouldn’t want this lovely ambient Corgo lighting the way through the night!!!

Handmade Corgi Sweater

Corgi Sweater

These babies are exclusive, tiny sweaters, knitted by Creations by Sita, and Corgis with a santa hat, felted on top! It’s true!

Polymer Clay Corgi Necklace

Polymer Clay Corgi Necklace

Another wonderfully handmade product, by Mariposa Miniatures, so pawsome…chubby wubby wubby!

Corgi Sleeping Mask

Smoko Corgi Eye Mask

Did you know that you can sleep your way through the night with a Corgi on your face? Well, you can now!

Accompany your Corgi gifts with The Frappiness! Zine!!!

Squishable Undercover Corgi Santa!

Santa Corgi

Most people don’t know this, but this is an actual Corgi plushie with a Santa costume…yeah, that’s right…a nude Corgi.

Amigurumi Corgi Ornament

Corgi Ornament

An ornament, handmade by Ria Art World, in amigurumi, is a beautiful thing, but this one is a Corgi ball with a hat. Wow. Or WOWWWW!!!

Cute Corgi Earrings

Pixel Yum

Handmade by PixelYum, a pair of delicate Corgi earrings, so pretty and so cool, and frankly the pawfect Corgi gifts. Look at my ears!

Adorbs Corgi USB Buddy

USB Buddy

Ok, so maybe the technology isn’t quite there yet, but having a Corgi sitting next to you as your phone recharges is pretty darn adorbs.

2020 Three Corgis Calendar

Corgi Calendar

2020 is going to be perfect with this wall calendar hanging around like the twins. The annual Three Corgis calendar is here, and it’s shipping December 1!

Corgi Head Scratcher

Milo Head Massager

Just for kicks, this is an impulse stocking stuffer. Yeah, but maybe you know someone that needs a scalp massage with a cute little Corgi head on top???

Premium Furever Floofy Corgi Rainbow Tote Bag

And lastly, what would a gift be without a pawsome bag with a Corgi and rainbow? It would just be a sack…


This holiday season deserves some planning and organization. At least for us…meaning that we have Corgi gifts to buy EARLY! For you and your furiends, the Corgi fans and lovers, your office mates, loved ones and White Elephant exchange, there will always be merchandise with a Corgi on it…which is a great thing! Happy holidays and stay safe out there!!!

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