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I love a Corgi, do you?

Corgi love on the mind

If you haven’t noticed there is a lot on the “internet” about this beloved breed, the Welsh Pembroke Corgi, cousin of the Cardigan Corgi.  So, you ask yourself, what is so special about these hounds?  Oh, you have no idea.

Three Corgis

They are devoted and loving, with extremely entertaining personalities.  Full of expression and sass, if you will, the Corgi comes in all shapes, color and sizes.  The three above, are Hambone, Wolfgang and Cupcake, in that order.

CorgiThree Corgis Hambone

This is Hambone.  He is a male stud, in the most common coloring, which is called sable.  You will see this in most dog shows.  He is very handsome with highly expressive eyes.  He takes on the home as the dominant male, yet he is very gentle with all of the other more rambunctious dogs.  He is good around children, well socialized and is extremely loyal and watchful.  He has never bit anyone or threatened a hair on a head.

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Now this is Wolfgang.  He is a male tricolor, meaning white, sable and black.  These are not as popular, but many people are seeking this coloring, as it is very different.  He is the puppy of the pack, goofy and wild, yet super affectionate.  He is agile and jumps on the bed all the time.  One thing about this guy, he is huge!  Wolfgang is lean, but is bigger than Hambone!  And, he is still growing.  Always sweet, but always getting in trouble, either eating poop, tearing a magazine a part, sneaking some one else’s bone away, or just howling at a squirrel.

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corgisThree Corgis Cupcake

This cutey is Cupcake, a female tricolor.  She is very small for the breed, soft fur and very expressive.  She is also a hogger for attention, inserting herself in every single situation.  It is very rare that she is not demanding the room’s focus.  Hambone may seem like the pack leader, but it is Cupcake that really takes control.  One moment, she is demure and delicate, the next she’s snapping at Wolfgang for getting too close to her food.  She has never bitten anyone, but man can she be moody…in a good way.

corgi puppycorgi puppycorgi puppy

If you were ever thinking of getting one, they are the best.  They are all different, with extremely different personalities.  I highly recommend them if you are not a very active person.  They are great in-door dogs, are super mild mannered, and are hysterical.  They are the comedians of the canines.  Check out their videos on YouTube.

Three Corgis Wolfgang Three Corgis Hambone Three Corgis Cupcake

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  1. Extreme lover of Pem. CORGIES I have had many over the years. I currently have one presious girl she is 11 but acts like she is 5. Her name is Pocket. POCK for short.♥♥♥

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