This week in Three Corgi love August 30

Here you go, you cuteness Corgi lovers

This week, that last week in August was soooo hot!  Ahh!  And, you know what that means, hot Corgis.  So, it was a bunch of laying around and being Corgi love cuties.  Here are the latest Instagram post for you and your eyeballs.

[instapress tag=”threecorgis” piccount=”24″ size=”90″ effect=”0″]

I mean, let’s get a grip here.  If it weren’t for the puppy photos, it would have averaged under 900 likes, but for some reason, people love love love those puppy photos.

As far as how the week went, it was all good.  Wolfgang did not get into any trouble.  However, I have developed a leg issue, because Wolfgang keeps jumping on the bed in the middle of the night, and curls up next to me!  This means, as I am a really heavy sleeper, my leg is curving around his bum, and therefore, affects my leg position.  Really? Can you believe this ridiculousness!  I can’t.  Either its him or I have some kind of tumor to make my right leg sore.  I do not think its the latter.  I hope!

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