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Corgi puppies make you melt

Are you love with Corgi puppies like me? Let me get this straight.  ALL puppies are cute, yo!  So, this isn’t a diss to all of you cuties out there, but just an homage, so to speak, about the Corgi puppy, in particular, those fuzzy baby bears.  I look at these photos and can’t saying, “AWWWWWWWW!!!”

Hambone Hambone Three Corgiscorgi-puppy-493 These are a few lovey photos that will just make you melt.  Its kind of hard to keep writing when you are sifting through so many cutie cutes photos!  Corgi puppies, that is.

Hambone the Corgi pup

corgi-puppy-365corgi-puppy-351Cupcake Corgi

I literally have 10k photos of each one as a baby.  They are so adorable, I can’t stand it.  I do believe that Hambone was the fluffiest, Cupcake was the cutest, and Wolfgang was devil dog!  I could not stand him!  He was also in love with Cupcake, constantly pestering her.  I guess I was just a distraction.

20130403-063738.jpg corgi puppy corgi-puppy-291

What makes Corgi puppies so special?  Its a combination of the big ears, stubby little feet and heart shaped butts.   Wolfgang had the biggest ears ever.  They are actually bigger than Hambone’s. corgi-puppy-503corgi-puppy-489 It is pretty incredible how adorable they are.

Wolfgang the Corgi pup
Wolfgang the Corgi pup
Wolfgang the corgi pup

Some of my favorite Instagram accounts are based upon Corgi puppies.  I literally follow over 1500 accounts, which are all Corgis! I can’t believe how much they have grown, but I love them as adults, too!!!

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3 thoughts on “Corgi puppies make you melt”

  1. Enjoyed your photos–adorable! We have an almost 6-month-old Corgi & are thinking about getting her a companion–but all that hair!!

    1. Just get another! It’s so awesome when you see them playing with each other. I waited too long between cupcake ANC hambone, but Wolfgang and cupcake are besties!

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