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The weekly Corgi round up

Three Corgis on Instagram August 10

Hello All, here is the latest cute grid from Instagram, Corgi round up.  This is a way for the non-Instagrammers to get a view of these guys.  Instagram is awesome, but if you are not one the followers, its a pain to find these photos.  I love this new plug-in, and will have weekly posts of the Corgi round up for y’all.

[instapress tag=”threecorgis” piccount=”24″ size=”120″ effect=”0″]

A quick recap on the week

This week was kind of hectic; however, it did not stop the laying around and begging for food.  Hambone has a little sore on his mouth, so he made a visit to the Vet, and is now on medication.  Poor guy.  I really hope it is not from fish!

three corgisthree corgis

If it does not clear up in a week, they may have to take a biopsy!  Yikes.  Anyway, its been a great week, as the Three Corgi presence on Twitter is also expanding, almost 4300.  Please follow if you can!  Twitter is so weird, but there’s a ton of peeps on it.

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