The week of Corgi sweeties

Corgi corgi corgi and more corgi

Hello All,

This week, what can I say?  I was super busy at work, you know the day job?  So, the Corgi sweeties was a bit drier than usual.  HOWEVER, now that is a big however, we reached the Instagram goal of 15,000 followers!  Woo hoo!  And, not to mention we also made the popular page for the Wolfgang High Five video, maybe a week ago, but I still want to mention it.  Geez, its exhausting.

[instapress userid=”self” piccount=”18″ size=”90″]

AND, we have also launched more tees.  The biggest issue is that I am trying to get female tee cuts, and they simply do not exist, or the wholesale cost is just too high.  I do not want to sell $30 tees.  It is pretty much a bummer.

Here are a few of my other Corgi cuteness favs are below.  I do understand why everyone places puppy photos on their feeds, but try try try to make an adult doggy look cute.  Soo hard, but I can keep making it happen.

Cupcake cutie Hambone sweeties three corgis

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