Hello CorgiNation 2014!!!

CorgiNation is happening in 2014!

Over the last year, we’ve seen the Corgi community grow so much.  Its been amazing.  We follow over 1900 Corgis on Instagram, and love every minute of it.  It’s pretty awesome.  I am placing some of our favorites in the post because we love.  These are all from the Xmas madness.  When there is a holiday, the Corgis come out in full force!

corgination three_corgis722 1 three_corgis714 1 three_corgis701 1 corgination

Aren’t they cute?  They are super cool.  Did you imagine so many costumers for dogs?  It’s pretty awesome.

three_corgis654 1 three_corgis648 1 three_corgis625 1 three_corgis616 1 corgination

And here is a very special photo.  Its our refrigerator covered with Corgi Xmas cards from the Corgi Christmas Card Exchange, organized by Gimbly the Corgi!  Send him a message on Instagram!

corgi christmas card exchange

And, they keep coming.  It was a super nice surprise to be involved in this project.  Gimbly did a great job!

three_corgis585 1 three_corgis570 1 three_corgis533 1 three_corgis516 1 three_corgis500 1 three_corgis487 1 three_corgis476 1 three_corgis459 1 three_corgis427 1 three_corgis421 1 three_corgis400 1 three_corgis349 1 three_corgis344 1 corgination

I love these photos and could not get enough of them.  I thank everyone for 2013’s great support of Three Corgis.   Hambone, Cupcake and Wolfgang thank you.  It’s going to be even better in 2014!  Thank you CorgiNation!!!  Here’s a few more…

three_corgis275 1 three_corgis271 1 three_corgis224 1 three_corgis207 1 three_corgis192 1 three_corgis183 1 three_corgis169 1 three_corgis151 1 three_corgis149 1 three_corgis116 1 three_corgis80 1 three_corgis68 1 three_corgis59 1 corgination three_corgis26 1 corgination

Check out the Three Corgis swag in the shop.  You won’t be disappointed, I hope!

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