corgis gonna corg

Corgis gonna Corg NEW Tee

Corgi butts drive me nuts also available NOW!

It took me a minute to think of some new designs for the Three Corgis line.  It ain’t easy, let me tell you.  Basically, the rainbow trio was a smash hit.  Cute, sassy and fun.  How was I going to top that.  Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t.  Only time will tell, right?  So, in all its glory is the Corgis Gonna Corg Tee…Amazing and awesome.

corgis gonna corgThis is the Corgis Gonna Corgi design.  It is Cupcake going berzerk over being teased by her dad.  Most people are surprised out how nuts she gets, but never at me or any guests, just him.  Its for fun, but its pretty funny.  Basically, this is a play on Haters Gonna Hate, if you didn’t already know.  It is in response to a jackass that was hating for no reason on this video I posted on Instagram.  So weird.  I checked out the guys account, and he seemed like a shmo, like a dullard.  I guess he was in a bad mood or something.  Whatevs…

corgis gonna corg corgis gonna corgAnd, now this out!  Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts featuring the fluffy pants herself, Cupcake, again!  She is such an easy target; however, there will be more.  Check these out.

corgi butts drive me nuts corgi butts drive me nuts corgi butts drive me nuts


We all know the Corgi butt thing, at least, if you have a Corgi, you get comments all the time about their furry trousers.  Its pretty funny, and they also shake them, too.

These Tees are available for purchase at $20 a pop.  In American Apparel 100% cotton, that is.  Unisex, including XS for the tiny people that you know.  So there you have it, the new designs, Corgis Gonna Corg and Corgi Butts Drive Me Nuts featuring the ever expressive Cupcake!  Get em while there hot.

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