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Corgis gonna Corg!  Three Corgis Instagram

Sorry for the lateness on the Three Corgis round up.  With the outrageous cold and travel, I was pretty much wiped out.  It was brutal.  However, where would I be without my three favorite Corgis!  They are the sunshine of my life, if you didn’t notice.  I love them to death!  Check out the latest and greatest on Instagram. [instapress userid=”self” piccount=”18″ size=”90″] If you have been under a rock, Halloween is the most posted holiday for these lovely creatures.  It was unbelievable this year, but I must say, it was hard to keep up.  There were tons of cuties out there.  My favorites were Geordi Pig and Kupo the Corgi, so much fun! [instapress userid=”geordi_pig” piccount=”3″ size=”90″ effect=”0″] [instapress userid=”kupothecorgi” piccount=”3″ size=”90″ effect=”0″] There were tons of cuties this week, and these guys do impress.  I have to get photos from last year up, so be patient, as it takes forever to put this stuff on the internet!!!  Here are some oldies but goodies. [singlepic id=2177 w= h= float=none][singlepic id=2197 w= h= float=none] So if you can wait a little longer, I will be putting up all the Halloween photos from this year.  I need to bet my act together, and stop playing Candy Crush.  And, if you can’t wait, take a browse on Instagram and figure it out that way.  I did promise the chia pet Corgi, and I need to look around for it!  Oh my god, this year has gone by so fast, its unbelievable.  Ok, I have to stop stressing out.

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