Corgis on Instagram and corgis and corgis

Corgis on Instagram

Three Corgis on Instagram have been pretty active on Instagram.  That is where it all began.  The Corgi fan is hyped on this channel, and have inspired an entire movement of cute Corgis by some super cool parents all over the world.  Its pretty amazing as I have followed over 1000 Instagram accounts of Corgis.  If you look at who Three Corgis follows, you can see that all of these are about Corgis.  So awesome.

[instapress tag=”threecorgis” piccount=”9″ size=”120″ effect=”fancybox” title=”1″]

I try to post a few a day, but there is a bit of burn out.  And, it is super hard to get shots that are different.  For dog’s sake, they are dogs, you know?  The blog will start to incorporate other Corgi accounts, but for now, you get this cutie crowd.

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If you would like to follow Three Corgis on Instagram, the @mention is @threecorgis.  If you would like to be followed, pls make sure that you leave a comment on a photo, that is the best way, as the stream moves pretty fast, and an @mention gets lost in the mix.  I am looking forward to following more Corgis!


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