corgi breed

What’s all the hype about Corgis?

Corgis are all the rage

I absolutely love this breed.  So, in the last year or so, there has been a ton of attention placed upon the Corgi breed, those stocky, short-legged work dogs.  If you google “corgi buzzfeed”, you can see the trail of cuteness.  It’s pretty amazing.  Here is a sample of some cutie cutes pics from my pack.

corgi breed

First of all, these are called “tri-colors.”  These are the white, tan and black ones that they do not show at the Westminster Dog Show.  I don’t know why, but they have become way more popular in recent years.  Here is Hambone, the traditional sable.

corgi breed

Check out his markings.  He is the classic with a white stripe down his face, white boots and white collar.  His dad was actually a show dog.  Hambone is quite the Corgi stud of Corgis.  Next up, the classis tri-color, which is Cupcake.

Corgi tricolor

Notice the sable head, but the saddle is black.  She is a very small Corgi, with extremely feminine features.  I have noticed that females are smaller, but she seems to be exceptionally girly.  I love the white fluffy collar.  Her markings on her face as a pup was very black.  That went away pretty fast.  You can tell when the face markings are going to go away by pulling back the fur, exposing tan roots.  Here is the nutball of the pack, Wolfgang.


His head is all tan with a speck of white on his nose.  What can I say?  I thought he was a mutt when we got him, but he exhibits the silhouette of Corgis.  The one thing about him is that he is extremely thin and agile.  I really wish he can get into agility training.  I love him!

these guys are corgisCorgis love you

Here is a splotch of Instagram accounts tagged #corgis.  I love a few of these in particular.

[instapress tag=”corgi” piccount=”12″ size=”90″ effect=”0″]

You ask what is the hype about?  I mean isn’t it obvious?  Corgis are so darn adorable.

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