Crate training your new Corgi puppy

To crate or not to crate train…that is the question

crate training your Corgi puppy

Imagine…you are bringing home your new Corgi puppy…oh so excited…you dreamt about all of the hours of cuddling and taking Instagram photos…videos…the tears of joy that will stream down your face…But WAIT!!!  You have a job…the anxiety kicks in…leaving him home alone…OMG!!!  Well, yes, this is a common question.  And, you would be correct about the sadness that you will incur when leaving that little furbaby at home.  Let’s talk about the dreaded topic of crate training.

Crate training

Most people will react to crate training in a very negative way.  It does seem mean or inhumane or whatever.  But, I have gone through this THREE times, and it works for many many many reasons.  I will walk you through this harrowing experience and assist you out of your scary thoughts of abandonment and fear.

Number 1:  Dogs are canines and have instinct to feel safe in a den

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Basically, if you search online, you will find a ton of information on canine instincts and what not.  Yes, they have been domesticated, but there are obvious behaviors that have not bred out of any dog.  One of them is their instinct to live in dens for protection and survival.  With that being said, crates provide exactly that function, a place to rest without being in fear.  You will be shocked when you go looking for your Corgi, and he’s in his crate asleep.

Number 2:  You will need to sleep at night

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That’s right, puppies are exactly like babies.  They will need wake you up in the middle of the night and whimper.  They will need to pee in the middle of the night.  So, getting them to sleep in their crate in your room, where they can see you, will be a god send.  For example, Hambone would wimper.  I would wake up and take him outside.  Once he was finished, on the leash, I brought him right back in, placed him in his crate, and he went back to sleep.  Sounds obvious, right?  Yes, but most people will allow them to play and sniff around.  Guess what?  Your days start to begin at that early morning pee, which now cuts into your sleep time.  It is inevitable that they will wake you up, but you must have good sleep to have the energy for your puppy.

Number 3:  Accidents are going to happen, all over your house

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I had a friend who was going mad cleaning up behind the new puppy.  At first, this is kind of novel, but after 2 weeks of this, it gets kind of old.  I simply told him about crate training, and it actually worked.  Three years later, he still brings it up to me how it all worked out.  Remember, puppies do not have muscle control over their bladders until about 4 months or longer.  This is a really long time of chasing pee and poop around your home and rugs, so believe me, crate training will make your life manageable and easier.  Since the crate will be established as their home, they will also never go in their home.  Therefore, they will start to learn how to hold it and go outside.

Number 4:  You will immediately want to take your Corgi for vacations and visits

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Without explanation, a crate is a portable house.  Imagine bringing your bed and pillow everywhere.  Believe it our not, crate training is a great way to avoid anxiety in new places.

Number 5:  Time outs are essential

The last but not the least, time outs for discipline is essential.  Not all Corgis are perfect, really!  So, if you find your furbaby barking too much and no methods work, the crate is a great time out option.  They will get it.  In a few moments, they will be resting their cute mugs on their blanket and get the hint.

Of course, there are many other reasons, but these are my top reasons for crate training.  Remember, its instinctual for them to love and own their dens, so it is something that they will love.  I will be going over the steps in the next post, so stay tuned.

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