Cupcake is the Corgi queen

Ever wonder about Cupcake the Corgi queen?

It is pretty much a given, but Cupcake is the most popular of the Three Corgis.  She is the smallest, softest and most obsessed with affection.  Whenever we have guests over, she is the first to greet, being the Corgi queen that she is.  My dad remarks how she is always smiling.  She really does smile, with her little eyebrows and toothy grin. Cupcake CorgiThis little princess brings a lot of joy to our lives.  But that joy comes with some quirks, and I mean some really interesting quirks.  Number 1:  She is the bitchy one.  Look at this photo, what in the heck is she snarling about?  Absolutely nothing! Cupcake Corgi diva Queen Cupcake the CorgiGeez!  Over nothing!  The other Corgis never snap ever.  She’s been like this since she was a puppy.  I think it has to do with the fact that she was the first of the litter to go, so she had to share space with a bunch of other puppies.  My best guess.  Number 2:  She is moody.  Every heard of a moody dog?  She kind of gloats in the corner and pouts once in a while. Cupcake CorgiI mean really?  What the heck does she have to be moody about?  Life?  Whatevs!  Number 3:  She always has to be in the front of the group.  To a fault at this point, she needs to be in the lead of the action.  Its a bit irritating, as it makes the other two kind of hang back, and when I need to take a photo, its a pain. Three Corgis Three CorgisAnytime I pull out the camera, she is right there in front.  Its good and bad.  Number 4:  She is a pushy pushy girl!  If I happen to be hanging out, minding my own business, and eating my favorite popcorn, she inserts herself immediately!  Its pretty obnoxious.

Three Corgis Cupcake the Corgi

So, enough of the quirks.  Cupcake is the most special Corgi an owner can ask for.  I love her so much.  How could you resist those sweet eyes?  She is the Corgi queen for a reason!

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Three CorgisAnd one more crazy photo!

Three Corgis

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corgis gonna corg

Or this one…a classic…

girls tanktop banana cupcake mauve

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2 thoughts on “Cupcake is the Corgi queen”

  1. This is so weird… this sounds exactly like my boy, Maxwell. Not only do he and Cupcake have really similar personalities, but the physical resemblance is UNCANNY.

    So I’d have to agree, Cupcake sounds very special indeed. :)

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