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Ahhhh…Cupcake is a snorer, don’t ya know!

As cute and demure as she may seem, Cupcake is one heck of a snorer.  Check out these amazing snorts snorts snorts… And even more for your listening pleasure!

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Cupcake shaking her RUMP!

Baby Cupcake is less than a year old, she resembles Wolfgang with her lankiness.  Obviously, she has filled out quite a bit!  This clip is her famous ass shaking, so cute and so sweet.  She still does it today.  Enjoy!!!

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My love for cute

Cupcake is a little princess. If you are not a dog owner, you would assume that makes and females are not that much different. Maybe. This little girl is such an attention ho, such a sweetie and such a biatch all in one. One minute, she melts your heart, the next she could be faking[…]

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The best of the best

People ask me what my favorite photos are of these guys.  That’s a hard one, so I put some thought into it.  I actually have a few favorites of each one.  Check them out below… Hambone the Great One Hambone is the first and my favorite.  He is so regal and classic, a true stud.[…]