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Summer is over

Three Corgis Summer is over

Summer Summer Summer is over over over I can’t believe summer is over I know that Fall is my favorite season, but it is a bit sad that summer is over.  I mean officially over.  We just got used to the heat and what not, the shedding, the laying around, the mid afternoon naps.  Wow.[…]

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Cupcake likes to be a super model

Cupcake the Corgi

Love a Cupcake, love a cutie So, whenever I post a photo of Cupcake, it typically gets the most likes.  And, not only that, I also have the most photos of her because, frankly, she loves to pose.  I’ve compiled a few photos from our extensive catalog of Cupcake.  It’s pretty ridiculous. You will melt[…]

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10 reasons why you shouldn’t love a Corgi

On the bed

I mean seriously, you will be blown a way by these 10 reasons BE WARNED!  PROCEED AT OWN RISK! If you were thinking about getting a Corgi and going absolutely nutso, please read this post.  This is something that ALL Corgi owners experience, day in and day out.  You will assume that these are like[…]

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Summer is kicking in with corgi apparel

Corgi Band Tank

Put a smile on with these summer duds For all of you out there, whether you are a part of #corgination or not, maybe a cuteness fanatic, or some dude that likes to wear nutty tees, you have to get your Three Corgis gear up for summer fun!  Who doesn’t love corgi apparel??? NOW, all[…]

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Crate training your new Corgi puppy

To crate or not to crate train…that is the question Imagine…you are bringing home your new Corgi puppy…oh so excited…you dreamt about all of the hours of cuddling and taking Instagram photos…videos…the tears of joy that will stream down your face…But WAIT!!!  You have a job…the anxiety kicks in…leaving him home alone…OMG!!!  Well, yes, this[…]