Cute pics of Cupcake and Wolfgang

Cute pics cuz that’s all we got right now!

2015 is off to a fast start!

This year is really flying by.  So fast, that our last post covered the Xmas holidays!  Ugh!  So, it order to maintain our SEO ranking, yeah right, here is our latest on just cute pics of Hambone, Cupcake and Wolfgang.  I mean, what more can you ask for?  Its about cute pics, and that’s about it!

Getting into Puppy Bowl, courtesy of Animal Planet.  Pretty exciting, don’t cha think?

Puppy Bowl by Animal Planet

We even were featured on the Animal Planet blog!!!  I mean, it doesn’t get better than that, does it?  Thank you Animal Planet!

Puppy Bowl

Wolfgang just being his handsome self, as usual.

Wolfgang the handsome dog Cute pics of Wolfgang Wolfgang is charming

Hambone in his favorite positions.  He loves his sunsets…

Hambone and the sunset Love this Hambone

And, the crowd favorite, Cuppy!  She was told to lose 2 pounds.  Geez.

FluffyCutest little girl ever

This cute pic came out really nice.  At least, we think so.  Their eyes are so dreamy.

Cute pics of Cupcake and Wolfgang Serious dogs

We hope to post more often cuz 2015 is whizzing by.  We know we’re lazy and have crazy day jobs…

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