Corgis in the Wild

Dirty dogs done dirt cheap, glamping pt deux

What do you get when you mix three corgis and the great outdoors?  Dirty dogs!

Thank you all for reading the first installment of the Three Corgis adventure in Moses Gulch.  Here’s a quick recap:  they be getting down and dirty in the wild!  Whew!  Let’s continue this mad adventure, the frapping, the eating, the pooping, the fun!

pets and camping

There is nothing better for a dog than running free!  For real, I kid you not.  This was an amazing time for these guys.  Glamping.  We call it thus because there were a lot of modern amenities, like gas grills (I like the open fire myself), nice tents, air mattresses, nice meals and plenty of snacks.  Now, did Hambone, Cupcake and Wolfgang notice these things?  Not really.  They really spent most of their time in wonder.  “How the heck are we running around like mad men and not get yelled at?”

To the fishing hole they go

Moses Gulch

Here we are, trekking to the first funtime adventure, to the Fishing Hole.  It was super cool walking freely down the road.  Wolfgang would run ahead, then dart back.  He was really good on scouting out the path for us.  Check out Wolfgang, he went straight for it with Cupcake behind!  Where’s Hambone???

the fishing holeMoses Gulch camping-oct-2014-74 Swimming Corgi Moses Gulch

So, this is Hamby.  He actually went into the pond, all by himself.  We were shocked!  He waited after the other two ran in!

Hambone the Water BabySwimming Corgi


Hambone was headed for a sand bar.  With a panicked look on his face, of course.  It was worth every minute on the road for this experience!

Dirty Dogs Begin the Adventure

As you can see, this is the beginning of the dirty dogs adventure.  Science…if you mix wet, thick fur with mounds of dirt, guess what?  You get dirty dogs!  DUH!!!  And that is no exaggeration.

Moses GulchWet Corgi


This swim pretty much pooped them out.  The water was freezing, but they did not notice what so ever.  The trek back was nice and got them well worked out.

Cupcake the Glamping Corgi Sequioa National ForestSequoia National Forest

That’s pretty much the deal.  When you say dirty dogs, it was no joke.  They bathed immediately when we got home.

Dirty Dogs for Real

We highly highly recommend a nice camp outing for your furbabies.  I was a bit scared of the thought, at first.  You know, what if they find a crazy animal and get attacked?  What if they get lost?  Well, since they have the instincts, they pretty much walked the perimeter, greeted new people and surprisingly did not wander off on a scent trail.  What a relief!  We are actually planning our next one…more to come!!!

Corgis in the Wild

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