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Camping checklist for dog glamping

Here’s what you need for an easier dog glamping trip

It’s summertime, and that means getting outside and enjoying the fresh air!  If you are like us, then you want to bring all of your family members with you.  Yes, bringing your dogs is a great idea, and here is the checklist for dog glamping.  Most of the items are pretty intuitive, but I’m going to tell you why you should bring them, too!

dog glamping, Moses Gulch

  1.  Extra shoes for yourself:  Your shoes are going to get destroyed.  I made the mistake of bringing one pair and flip flops, when on a hike, had to rescue Hambone in mud.  My shoes got wet and needed to dry out.  I thought that the flip flops would be good in the campsite, and shoes for hiking.  I was right, but once those dogs got near water, it was a wrap, and I was stuck with flip flops for the rest of the trip.  That wasn’t awesome for nights by the campfire!

2.  Harnesses:  Chest harnesses will ease the discomfort of collar tugging.  Your pooch will be enthusiastic, excited and at times, difficult to control.  I don’t know how many times Wolfgang would start choking on the leash, or Hambone would get tangled up and choke himself.  The harness will be much more comfortable and also easier to grasp them when needed.  Hambone gets into a lot of compromising positions, and will often need to be grabbed, so around his body is much better than straggling his neck.

The dog harness we just bought for all three

3.  First aid kit for pets:  You may never use them, but there are some good reasons to have a kit that is made for pets.

A selection of types of kits

4.  Collar lights:  It gets dark out in the woods, so you’re going to have to keep track of your pack.

5.  Water and extra water bowls

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6.  Shade:  After a few days out in the wild, we noticed that they would retire under the cars for shade.  The sun is great for snoozing, but it does take a toll on them.  A tree is not enough, so you want them to enjoy dog glamping by having shelter with water.

Chillin' in the camp

7.  Wipes:  Baby wipes!  There’s going to be accidents and dingleberries, so bring them wipes for quick clean ups and hand sanitation.  Nuff said!

8.  Standard leashes:  Everything is going to get filthy.  So, if you like your pretty leather leash, don’t bring it.  We keep their leashes attached at all times, just in case you need to grab them when there’s critters around.  Stepping on them is the fastest way to stop them, so you get the picture

9.  Bags:  You will never have enough bags for some reason.  They will get buried in the car, in the tent, at the campsite, so always have some in your pockets.

Our favorites are by Earth Rated

10.  Treats and extra canned food:  What better way to get your dog to pay attention is with treats.  The worse is when you run out!   So, just in case, you bring an extra bag of dried jerky to make sure that if you need to distract them, you’ll have something.  And since you have much more time to chill, you’ll be surprised by how much time you have to give them something to eat!  There’s nothing worse than rationing out kibble!  As far as food goes, canned is the easiest to store and pack.

pets and camping

Above all, have a great time!  Dog glamping is da best!  If there’s a great way to bound with your pet and enjoy the outdoors, we highly recommend camping.  The hikes, the exploring, the tent fun and the chillin’.  It’s very special!

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  1. @marshmellowthecorgi is from Alaska. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for winter hiking and outdoor equipment for dogs? Have you tried any gopro dog harness?

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