Dog Health coming soon to Three Corgis YO!

Corgi care from yours truly

Our dogs are our pride and joy, and with that comes a lot of responsibility.  Since there is such a broad age range amongst the three, Hambone 11, Cupcake 5 and Wolfgang 2, there are many things that have to be done to ensure that they live a long and healthy life.  So, dog health is really important to us on an everyday basis.

I will be introducing a section on the blog that specifically addresses the health of these family members.  Many people ask me, and I try to accomodate as best possible, seeing that I never thought that I would be considered an expert on such matters.  Diet, medical, mood, etc. will all be considered to address in this section.  Give me feedback if you like, but for now, pls enjoy some special pics.

Hambone Three Corgis Hambone is the hero of the bunch.  He is super mellow, but also very protective of the house.  He is the epitome of the manly dog, I guess.Three Corgis Hambone

This was taken at the beach.  He was super happy.  One thing about Hambone, he never really strays from the group.  Pretty well mannered dude.Three Corgis featuring corgi love Hambone

Can you imagine how delicate this little baby was?  Cupcake’s markings were so awesome!Three Corgis featuring corgi love Cupcake Three Corgis Cupcake This is her favorite spot where she sits everyday.  Its near the front door, so when we get home, she is sitting right there.Three Corgis Cupcake

Cupcake as a one year old was so weird.  I was convinced she was a mix of Jack Russell and Corgi.  It was just the metabolism, and she eventually filled out to the Corgi fit.Three Corgis Cupcake Three Corgis featuring corgi love Cupcake Wolfie Wolgang as a puppy.  He was so hard to get a photo of.  Most of the time, he was following Cupcake around, so he was constantly distracted.Three Corgis Wolfgang Three Corgis Wolfgang

So yes, I am going to add a few things that will enhance the Three Corgis blog experience.  Dog health for your pups is important. Check out the videos on the YouTube channel if you have a chance.  And, hashtag #threecorgis!!!

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