Frapping is a thing that Corgis do

Let me tell you what frapping is

Apparently, Corgis like to frap.  FRAP stands for fun random acts of play or frantic random acts of play, or whatever the “f” fits in for you.  What does this mean?  And, how is this different from any other dog?  Well, let me tell you, I had no idea that there was such a term, and no idea that most other dogs grow out of this.  If you choose to follow a Corgi on Instagram or Vine, you will occassionally get the idea.  Its hard to get a camera ready because it does not last a super long time.

This is a typical frapping moment.

So, all puppies do this, and I had no idea that dogs grow out of it.  Hambone used to frap in circles if you clap your hands and yell, “go go go!!!”  It was so cute.  His a bit older, now, so no more frapping.  However, Cupcake and especially Wolfgang have the energy to get their frapping done.  Here’s more.

And one last one, because these really crack me up. I love Wolfgang and Cupcake playing around!

So this is the world of “frapping”. It is a very bizarre Corgi characteristic, but one that I love whenever it happens because it is super hysterical.

Here’s are few static photos to remind you about these guys.

Cupcake Corgi corgi breed frapping

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