XMAS Spirit

Get in the XMAS spirit

Hambone, Cupcake and Wolfgang prepare fur the howl-idaze!

As everyone starts getting into the holiday XMAS spirit, hoomans generally like to decorate their homes with festive lights and wreaths and whatnot.  Well, here at the Three Corgis home, the most we can muster up is the ultimate pet costume.  The Santa hat and beard!  Talk about XMAS spirit, right!  If you notice, last year, we only had one hat and beard, so this year, we’ve completed the set!  Whoo hoooo!

XMAS SpiritDog Holiday Happy Corgi Holidays! Happy Howl-idays!

It looks way easier that it is.   To get these guys to sit still…OMG!  Not easy at all.

Wolfgang Corgi XMAS Happy HolidaysCupcake Corgi Christmas

Those were from last year.  Look at how cute they are!  It makes us laugh how Wolfgang always looks so serious, yet he is the ding dong.   And, Cupcake is just a cutie!

XMAS Spirit  XMAS Spirit   Happy Corgi Holidays! XMAS SpiritHappy Corgi Holidays!XMAS Spirit


We hope your howl-day is awesome.  Stay safe, hug yer furbabies and have an amazing time off!!!  We are fer sure!

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