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Gotta pet lover in your life?

And now for the dog lovers!  There are so many cool pet products out there.  And each year, beyond the cute ass Target toys by Bark, there are more functional products that seals the bond between furbaby and pawrent.  Here is our list of cool products to get for the cool pet owners out there:

Petwell Massage Products

Dual point massager

With more holistic methods transferring over to the pet side of things, such as human grade food, acupuncture and non-toxic products, we’ve come across the Petwell line of massage products to ease tension in muscles and calm nerves.  

Milo Activation Ball

Random movement ball

This highly rated ball aims to stimulate your dog with random movements for them to chase around, particularly when you are not at home.  It’s very innovative, meaning it will keep your dog running around while you watch TV. 

Dog Tornado Plastic Interactive Toy

Nina Ottoson by Outward Hound

Developed by Nina Ottossan/Outward Hound, this puzzle is a four disc rotating tower that rewards your pup with a treat.  It stimulates the brain with a complex reward system.

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iFetch Ball Launcher

The ultimate self-motivation toy!  iFetch has been around for a minute, but it’s the grand prize of them of all!  It’s a simple yet exciting idea, doggie drops the ball in, iFetch shoots it out, doggie fetches and starts again!

BARK Christmas Cookie Jar

Target Dog Toys

We love Target!  The pet department is pretty good.  Since their partnership with Bark, the toys never cease to amaze.  Cute AND clever, these squeaky, crinkly toys are just so creative. Have you seen the dim sum pack or the New York hot dogs?

Updog Kena

Updog Toys

From the super cool makers of the Odin, the most elegantly modern designed treat dispenser, the Kena is another modern rendition of functional dog toys.  Simply put, it’s for the MODERN design lover who would appreciate a matching pet accessory.


Washable rugs

These rugs are not only washable, but the main selling point is the variety of designs + value.  All pet owners know about accidents, and the worst ones are liquid. And once urine gets into a rug, it’s impossible to remove which means repeat accident.  Ruggables are machine washable!

Healthy Spot

If you just want to browse for last minute gifts, then run right over to Healthy Spot, a modern take on the pet store.  With tons of mindful products, Healthy Spot focuses on responsible pet ownership, product education and community.  Like these Wooly Wonkz toys, handcrafted in Nepal, anti-microbial and odor resistant!

So there!  If you have a pet lover and owner in your life, and you don’t really know what to get them, we’ve left you behind some cool ass products for what we think they would really appreciate.  Good luck!

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