Three Corgis go glamping

Glamping with three filthy Pembrokes. Out in the wild! Part 1

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Three Corgis go glamping

A vacation is nice.  But a vacation with these guys can be impossible.   Impossible, you say???  NEVER!!!  We will not venture into resort style vacationing.  Nor will we go to Disneyland.  However, we can go glamping.  Yes, my friends, glamorous + camping = glamping.  Packing up for 3 nights and 4 days was very hectic, yet sooo much fun.  It was a blast, I tell you!

We have taken Hambone camping, in the past, but he was just a young pup.  Taking 3 was going to be some serious planning.  We decided to figure out the tent situation first because it was going to be the most expensive investment.  So, I spent a good amount of time researching tents.  Geez, what an industry that is.  Bottomline:  a 6-man size would do the trick because he have an air mattress that would fit perfectly in a 4-man, but we’ve got 3 other furbabies to account for, clothes, gear and whatnot.

Now, the next step…where the heck can we go?  We’ve got 3 dogs.  So, a group trip was at hand.  Friends, family and cohorts, bring em all up.  Share a pooch so we can bring 3 into the campgrounds.  Perfect.  We selected the great Sequoia National Forest, Moses Gulch to be exact.  Yes, a trek from our lovely homebase, but well worth the drive.  Have you ever heard of Balch Park or Moses Gulch?  Wow, what a great place to feel like you are really in the woods.  Some were a bit scared, especially with the state penitentiary down the ways; no cell service, no wifi, no shit.  It took the overnight for everyone to get settled into their thoughts and start enjoying disconnecting.

Here is our lovely tent.


glamping corgi style

REI Kingdom 6-man Tent

Since this park is a dogs on leash place, we were a bit nervous about them getting lost or finding an animal and getting attacked or eating something that would make them sick.  Its endless.  The first night was on leash.  It all worked out for the best.  They wandered around and had to be yelled at.  The leash kept them together for the night, no worries.

A Very Cold Night

Call them spoiled, but they were kind of surprised at the cold night.  Wow, it was pretty chilly.  I think it was about 48 degrees or so, but they had no problem getting on the bed or curling up real tight.  Since our bed was leaking air, it was a restless night of water-bedding it all over the place!  Geez!  It was cute, though.

What's Out There Sequoia National Forest Hambone Snuggling


I do love the fact that if they need to do their business, they just pop out of the little zipper hole.  This camping thing is pretty amazing!

Pooping in nature

A walk in the forest

Next up, we walked around the amazing campsite at Moses Gulch.  Believe me, it was pretty awesome for the area we were staying.  We had our own camp, so to speak, so we did not have to venture too far off to experience the scenery, streams, ponds, rocks, trees.  It was pretty badass!

On the TrailSequoia National Forest Corgi at camp

Next up, campfires, swimming, more walks and more…Stay tuned, my lovelies!

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