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I love them

three corgis

Who could resist the Corgi love? Keeping up a blog is hard work, duh! I give a lot of credit to those who are doing this as their first income. However! I love my three Corgi dogs, and want to thank the 10k followers on beautiful Instagram! Big splooty thanks! Here are some of my[…]

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A medley of all three

The best is when I can get them to face the camera and freeze. It’s literally herding cats, but dogs! The nutty one is, of course, Wolfgang. He’s still a bit skittish for whatever reason. Enjoy!

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Baby baby Hambone! So cute

I’ve looking through tons of photos in search of some gems to post. I still cannot get over how adorable Hambone was as a pup. He was the ultimate furball boy, so cute and cuddly. I do remember how sad he was when he had to sleep away from his family. I was sad, too.[…]

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A little about Hambone

So let’s have a brief history on Hambone, aka Hamby, aka Bear, aka Boo Boo Boy, aka Tutenstein.  Hambone is a Christmas baby, born on December 25, 2002 in Yucaipa, CA.  His breeder is Karen, but she no longer breeds.  His certified AKC name is “Jackie Rogers, Jr”, after the Martin Short albino entertainer character.[…]

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The best of the best

People ask me what my favorite photos are of these guys.  That’s a hard one, so I put some thought into it.  I actually have a few favorites of each one.  Check them out below… Hambone the Great One Hambone is the first and my favorite.  He is so regal and classic, a true stud.[…]